Sanket’s Review: Hasee Toh Phasee is smartly penned rom-com.

htp2 Sanket’s Review: “Hasee Toh Phasee” is smartly penned rom-com.

Cast: Siddarth Malhotra, Parineeti Chopra, Adah Sharma, Manoj Joshi.

Director: Vinil Mathew

Length: 2.20hours approximately

Its said when you make love-stories, you don’t cast actor and actress, rather you cast chemistry. HASEE TOH PHASEE legitimatized this quote and how! This film is colossal example of how emotionally strong a film can shape if the characters are well developed. HASEE TOH PHASEE serves you two leads who are struggling at every path of life.

What keeps the film tight is the humor. Comedy is sharp business here and most of jokes cracks up from hilarious situation that the screenplay throws at our love birds. And what strikes the chord is that the narration is not episodic. It doesn’t pay heed to comedy and romance in two different halves. The film blossoms with rib-roaring gags and alternately transforms into a light, buoyant bonding of love. The writer here has done an excellent work by trespassing through various routine love-issues of young generation. Mark that sequence just prior to intermission where the guy gives a note-speech on break-up to which our heroine dismisses immediately. It’s a humorous scene but we know it’s a truth.

Although HASEE TOH PHASEE took its comedy business too seriously. Some scenes are dragged a lot and humor falls flat, like the one in first hour where Parineeti takes half dozen people to shop in a known shopping area of Mumbai. Also the whole bunch of relatives in the film has given some comic shade which did pull the film’s run-time and couldn’t help the film. But yes, one can forgive some minor negatives for that monumentally laughathon CID spoof which will leave you in splits.

The music nicely grooms with the moments. “Ishq Bulawa” although a forgettable song but displays how beautiful life is. Watch that song in the film to know what I mean! The songs are alright, with “Zehnaseeb” being beautifully placed in the film. Vinil Mathew as a director surprises. There are lot of feelings in the film which aren’t manifested in the viewer’s head. Instead, they are just left and unsaid and for us to feel. It’s a masterstroke from the writers as well as the executor.

It becomes difficult to fathom with the fact that an actress who was partially uncomfortable in his first film, has gathered so much confidence for his next film. SIddarth Malhotra infuses subtlety and charm in his role. He makes his character believable and likeable. But it’s Parineeti Chopra who never shies away from playing the unusual enigmatic part who makes you moist-eyed at-least twice and tickles your bones for numerous times. She is so charming in her character that you are heart-felt. It’s a performance that surely can win many hearts. This actress has a long, long, long way to go!

HASEE TOH PHASEE grabs your attention from the beginning. Yes the dragged scenes do shake the entire healthy momentum created, but yet, in totality, I thoroughly enjoyed the film for what it is. It is not the usual rom-com that is churned and that you will realize as the film unfolds. Don’t miss it.

Rating- 3.5/5

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    FS 7 years ago

    I would give it 4/5. It is more of a comedy than romance. The comical scenes, funny lines, hilarious expressions, feel good moments and outstanding performances from Siddharth and Parineeti might just take this movie into Superhit – Blockbuster status. The theatre I watched had very few audience but everyone enjoyed it thoroughly. The first half is a laugh riot and the second half slows it down with scenes where they show romance brewing between Sidhart and Parineeti, two songs and other cheesy stuffs etc…

    Loved Siddharts looks in the beginning but the later on he had similar look of SOTY. He is gonna rock and roll in the industry, he just need one big blockbuster and so is for Parineeti. She is so cute and beautiful in the movie that you almost fall in love with her. Highly Recommended!!!

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    Serenzy 7 years ago


    Did you LOVE Ishaqzaade too?

    HTP is surprisingly getting some good reactions and reviews while I thought it appeared quite dull pre-release.
    Let’s see whether this transforms into BO numbers for HTP.

    My predictions were :-

    Weekend: 15-17 cr
    Lifetime: 32-35 cr

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      sputnik 7 years ago

      I am surprised too at the positive reviews its getting from everyone. It looked quite stale from the Theatrical trailer and all the song promos.

    • Avatar
      FS 7 years ago

      I liked first half of Ishaqzaade and second half had ups and downs but liked the ending. Didn’t liked the stupidity where arjun kapoor had chance to kill the villain but instead starts running ruining the whole scenario and making it a dull moments. anyways liked their acting.

      Sputnik – My cousin forced me to go along with him for the film. I wasn’t interested at all but right from the first scene the movie captures the audience attention and holds them till the end even though you feel the movie is too long. When interval starts you feel like you have already watched a movie (feels so long) yet it is very entertaining especially comical scenes and Parineeti’s facial expression. Kamaal ki hai kudi.

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    aryan 7 years ago

    Seen the movie last night 2nd show got the tickets very easy at 10 pm show when I went with my friend at 9:50 PM didn’t like the movie liked the performance of Sidharth Malhotra.

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    sputnik 7 years ago

    Watched the movie and it was ok. I did not find it that funny. The only scene that was funny was the one where Siddharth wakes up Parineeti’s dad.

    Actually the movie worked more as a understated romantic movie (albeit cliched) than as a comedy. The movie was quite slow paced and did not have much of a story and they dragged it a lot.

    Siddharth was very good and his role was very good too. Did not like Parineeti initially. She was overacting a lot – acting more like a retard than a drug addict. It was like she was the female Rancho. Liked her after she started acting normal and she was better in the scenes where she had to be subtle.

    Adah Sharma was good and it seemed odd that there were not many scenes of her with Siddharth. Sharat Saxena was good as the retired cop.

    • Ipman
      Ipman 7 years ago

      ao i did the right thing by skipping this film 😀

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        sputnik 7 years ago

        It was watchable because of Siddharth. I have seen bits and pieces of SOTY and as Sanket said in his review he looked uncomfortable in that. He was subtle in this and did not seem like he was acting anywhere.

        • Ipman
          Ipman 7 years ago

          he had typical srks role in soty. he was uncomfortable in the dance songs. in the acting scenes i found him ok. parineeti chopra is a big turnoff as far as i am concerned. i just hate her 😛

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            sputnik 7 years ago

            He looked uncomfortable in the dance songs in this movie too.

        • Ipman
          Ipman 7 years ago

          a typical srk scene

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    narad_muni 7 years ago

    Watched Hasee to Phasee – one word – terribly disappointed.
    One of the most pointless plots, neither works as a rom-com or coming of age movie, Parineeti hams a lot, Siddharth was better. There are a few comic scenes here and there which are worth a laugh but nothing apart from those. The 2nd half just drags like hell..I don’t know whether I am too old for crap like these. Rating – 1/5.

    I will be surprised if it does 40 crores or more..Lets c! Audience is difficult to predict.

    • Avatar
      shan 7 years ago

      One word – terribly disappointed.

      aren’t those two words?

      • Avatar
        narad_muni 7 years ago

        thik hai bhai – galti ho gayee, maaf kar do 🙂

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