Sanket’s Review: Finding Fanny is a brave attempt, but that’s that about the film

deepikafindingfanny Cast: Deepika Padukone, Pankaj Kapoor, Naseeruddin Shah, Arjun Kapoor

Director: Homi Adajania

Length: 1 hr and 45 minutes

Adajania has distinct pattern of executing his movies. If “Being Cyrus” was anyway a different film, “Cocktail” had its own shade even in most overdone script. “Finding Fanny” is a tale which has quirk and wit written all over but it misses the much required heart.

So Adajania has to give brief narration of each of four characters in the film. They all have their own problems and in later part of the film they lead towards one common problem. Adajania’s characters are so diligently handled, it takes hardly a minute to fall in their world. But their problems are too complicated although identifiable at couple of places. But what fails Adajania’s vision is an attempt to make it different and funny. The vision is admirable and brave, but the execution has its own restraints.

The film drops immensely post-intermission and the laughs dry out here after a decent first half. But the mission on which these all are set for loses the purpose immediately as they go for saddled love track between Arjun and deepika. Not that everything is bad. There are few tricky scenes handled with Adjania’s distinction of direction – like the one where Arjun kapoor lashes on Kapadia. It’s a simple scene but the emotions are transpired well across. But alas, moments like these are few and far between. The film has absurd climax to say the least. It never really gives the correct vibe. Agreed, that the film has many layers toppling up and the audience has to decipher each of them to get the whole essence, but had it been done more effectively, it would have come across nicely.

Padukone does her part with proper amount subtlety and holds her own in front of the veterans. Pankaj Kapoor in zaniest avatar gets some of the funniest bits in the film and he does it like it’s a cakewalk. Naseeruddin Shah has a very goofed up part but he has his own persona which is adorable and gives nice sketch of his role. Kapadia is simply charming even if she plays role of a lady which is like your society’s irritating lady. Arjun Kapoor nails it and its surprising to see him playing such soft character without missing the beat.

But sadly, despite likeable performances and some commendable scenes, “Finding Fanny” ends up being an average affair which tried hard and had the audacity to bring such kind of story to screen, but couldn’t justify it entirely. Watch it only if you do know what you’re heading for! Its not your easy comic-thriller.

Rating- 2/5


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