Sanket’s Review: All is Well

AllisWell Umesh Shukla’s new venture “All is Well” is a tale of a family that is falling apart and the story is told using the comedy path. The film is hard to believe from the beginning thanks to shoddy execution and a screenplay that’s all over the place. The characters employed for comedy feels like are derived from 80s and 90s when the long-teethed aunty was supposedly funny.

There are some genuine laughs to be honest. Mohammad Zeeshan Ayub as the over the top villain is surely to bring the house down couple of times and also the slapstick comedy felt fresh especially because we don’t see that anymore in our films these days. But that doesn’t quite salvage its unexciting plot or the screenplay that takes a dip after every scene.

The second half also doesn’t give you anything apart from few funny moments by Zeeshan again. The film has a very noble commentary on family bonding but it just doesn’t come out loud. By the time the film is in its last lap, you are already exhausted even if its just 2hrs long film. And the poor ending of the film doesn’t particularly help.

The film has songs popping out of blue though I must admit they feel refreshing. “Nachan Farate” is high-tempo and the “chaar shanivaar” song is enjoyable. Also the reworking of “Ae mere humsafar” is soothing enough. The dialogues written are extremely poor.

What disappoints the most that in a film that boasts of actors like Rishi Kapoor and Supriya Pathak ends up being Mohammad Zeeshan Ayub show all the way. He gets his comedy bits right most of the times. Abhishek Kapoor and Rishi Kapoor play the leads and yet there is nothing worthwhile talking of their acting which is sad especially for Rishi Kapoor.

I didn’t feel I wasted my time and money but I did feel the film had a scope for a lot more especially because it had a plot, which may have been done to death in Bollywood, but it wasn’t done for quite long and especially in the comedy segment. I genuinely had hard laughs at places and also enjoyed Zeeshan’s whacky performance and ofcourse the 3 songs mentioned above. But that all played like fillers to mundane melodramatic screenplay which felt superficial almost entire film.

Rating – 2/5

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  1. sputnik 9 years ago

    This did not look good from the trailer itself. So the movie is as expected.

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