My Take On Dabangg 2

I was totally disappointed with all the promos that I had seen of D2 and I thought whole film, all songs, all situations will also be sequel to Dabangg. I already had low expectations from the film and one gets really disappointed when one has too many expectations and the films turns out to be dud or avg. After watching the film it stands out that my low expectations were very high for this avg-pathetic product.
From the start of the film till that hud hud song, its a rehash or almost copy… There is no space for any other character to grow than Salman Khan in this film… except 2% scenes he is there in every frame of the film… He need not be the superhero to deviate all bullets fired at him… All he just need is a situation to show off his dabangiri, go bang bang and bang.

One cannot expect a story from Salman films now a days and all one can expect to see him is bash the goons out of the park. Ek ke baad Ek gaane, dhada dhada aa rahe hain as if I thought I am watching a medley or something and not the film. By the time fevicol song was half done, I was yawning in theatre and patted to awaken myself to complete the film.

Only Positive things of the film – Hardly 20% of the film;

Salman and Vinod Khanna (Father and Son’s relationship) – I’l give kudos to Arbaz who have executed such scenes brilliantly which shows that if he directs an entire new film, he will be one of the greatest director of bollywood, yes you heard it right. One scene is enough to judge one’s action and whatever you see new things in d2 – they all are brilliant… It seems to me that the personal relationship between salman khan and salim khan was displayed on big screen… they were great scenes..

Salman and sonakshi Sinha (Husband and Wife’s relationship) – There are hardly 4-5 scenes between sona and salman and damn they were so good. Those 3-5 minutes of each scene between them were brilliant than 3hr long jthj. Kaash they had put some more of it or dragged a bit. It looked like sonakshi was a special appearance in this film and her screen time of one song (she has appeared in 3songs totally) is equal to screen time of her film barring songs.

Arbaaz Khan – Though he had 10 mins role, he was good as makkhi and jokes abt him brought few laughs… His and salman’s chemistry was same as before but in a good way.

For a moment I couldn’t believe because it looked like Salman really cried in the film on the death of his future. Sonakshi was brilliant in whatever little appearance she had onscreen and she almost looked like an angel in one particular scene.


Salman and Prakash Raj (are you kidding me? Relationship?) – Was prakash a villain or even he was a special appearance in this film? or just to put many action scenes and to create a final action sequence he was put into this film? Instead of Prakash, anyone could have done this role and the result would have been the same… D1 mein Maa margayi thi, isme bhi koi mara hoga na? Kya bolte ho? 😉

They tried to bring some funny moments in between the action but the action itself is so over the top that those funny scenes would go above my head.

Verdict – Had few laughs on some jokes and dialogues, loved the chemistry between father and son, brothers, chubey and pandeyji, romance and chemistry between salman and sonakshi… Out of all action scenes one scene will stand out which happened near the mandap of the marriage. Just loved that scene… That should have been the type of action unlike here it’s all over the top mixture of Singham, BG etc… Na Story tha, Na kuch interesting tha except the few things mentioned above aur iske ilawa bus Chu***pa tha…

Most disappointing factor was there was no space given to each character to grow and it was totally hijacked by Salman Khan, it was meaner in a way. I don’t think it will survive in plexes but in SS it may be an avalanche…

Rating – 2/5 (being generous for few brilliant scenes)

  1. sputnik 11 years ago

    hmm not liking the promos is one thing but not liking the movie. Doesn’t sound good.

  2. hithere 11 years ago

    Salman Hater 🙂

  3. bunty 11 years ago

    chalo bhi jo gussa 1 week se dil me tha wo aakhir kr bhar nikaal hi diya 😀 ab fs apko shanti mil gyi hogi 😀 😀

  4. DABANGG_NIINJA 11 years ago

    sputnik plz moderation khatam krna i m bunty thnks

  5. DABANGG_NIINJA 11 years ago

    thnks 😀

  6. hithere 11 years ago

    Personally, I don’t like people changing their identities before release of the movie. I see bunch of Dabangg_X, Talaash_Y, Khiladi_Z.

    • sputnik 11 years ago

      hmm yeah its difficult to keep track of who is who but so far not many have changed their names.

      There was one who was commenting with a different name each time and as a result his comment was going to moderation. I cannot keep approving his comment each time so have not approved some of his comments. One time he was Ram then Sam then Jay and then Saif.

      • Bored 11 years ago

        Tracking persons is the wrong filter – moderation should be at comment level.

        • sputnik 11 years ago

          hmm I approved his comments for now but he was making same/similar comments on the same post with different names.

  7. Bored 11 years ago

    Worse the movie is – more it will please salman fans and hence more collections 🙂
    Amitabh’s 80s phenomenon all over again!

  8. DABANGG_NIINJA 11 years ago

    Noida: Dabangg 2 Bumper Opening And Record Screenings

    Friday 21st December 2012 11.30 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Dabangg 2 too a huge bumper opening in Noida with all shows practically housefull. It has also set a new record for screenings with 109 shows daily. Ek Tha Tiger had 85 shows daily.


    10.00 – 25,800 100%

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    Big Ansal

    09.30 – 14,900 100%

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    11.15 – 14,900 100%


    10.00 – 15,000 100%

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  9. Lolland Dweller 11 years ago

    Here is the funniest bits review of the movie

    • Ritz 11 years ago

      I didnt find it funny. They were trying too hard to be funny somehow.

  10. Reddemon 11 years ago

    No story, no plot and salman khan has became the best USP of BW and Dabangg2 has it.

    Watched dabangg2 2nd show.(12.05pm)
    I have never watched a salman khan film in theatre and this was the first time but unfortunately (or rather fortunately) i was not able to complete the movie due to some reason.(left the theatre when salman’s son died).
    As they say salman’s film is beyond ratings and reviews. Its all about entertainment factor and collection. So i will only talk abt those factors
    salman enjoyed all the screen space and every other actor was like a side kick, yes even prakash raj. Some scenes are good while most of them are outdated and wannabe.
    As i left the show early i couldnt hear the audience respose but yes there were seetis and taalis for some scenes.

    Box office
    the theatre in which i watched D2 was housefull for ETT and JTHJ (holidays) and almost 75% for talaash for the second show. Infact for ETT ticket was not available for next two days. So comparitively D2 had less occupancy may be because its a non holiday release. But as i said D2 has the best USP of present times so it will collect big.

    When munni comes on screen she is almost topless and the blouse was used only for covering the dots. How can arbaaz/salman do that?

  11. FS 11 years ago

    time to change the server of TQ now Sputnik… couldn’t open most of the time when necessary… I hope you won’t let this happen or give it some time like NG which was the root problem that has till now… May be because of D2 but as months progress now there will be more such stuffs…

    • hithere 11 years ago

      works fine at my end,

    • Reddemon 11 years ago

      Even i am facing this prblm since last 2 days

    • sputnik 11 years ago

      hmm Its opening fine on my end. A few days back I made a big comment and I lost the comment when I got some error.

      Is it not opening at all or is there an error when you make a comment?

      • FS 11 years ago

        It won’t open after many tries… later once in a while it opens up… sometimes if you want to reply suddenly it shows up error.

        • sputnik 11 years ago

          hmm so is it the main page that does not open or a particular page. I ran into the reply thing once or may be twice but I thought it was rare.

          • FS 11 years ago

            your site itself doesn’t open.. i couldn’t open my thread yesterday for sometime.. Its not that whole doesn’t open but sometime when you log in it doesn’t and after 15-20mins later it opens up but then again if you want to see other threads again error issue… It is only due to traffic that server cant take during that particular busy time.

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