Sanket’s Review : Jai Gangajal

JaiGangaajal Jai Gangajal is a film designed more as an acting launch vehicle of Prakash Jha than anything else. It’s not a bad film but the problem is a series of repetitive episodes which also includes accommodating heroic action scenes for Jha the actor. A plot that could have been quite engaging for a 2-hour movie is unfortunately molded in a way that it clocks 30 minutes more than it should.

But like I said it’s not a poor film. The film nicely establishes the plot and doesn’t really looked like a regular revenge vendetta. However the screenplay has elements that are exploited in many films, most of them being Jha’s own films. By the time we reach intermission it already feels like we have seen one entire film.

Second half, considerably well edited and crisp, does redeem itself for a bit but there’s not much gravitas in the story itself which makes it all the more difficult for the viewers to invest our heart in the story.

The songs roll down in background during action scenes in first half which becomes tiring after a point because it kills the purpose of the scene. It’s a formula we usually notice in Anurag Kashyap’s movies but there’s a sense of cleverness in his execution which Jha clearly lacks. The action scenes are extremely poorly cut. I could literally notice the deceit of hand movement during action bits. Such carelessness!

Thanks to Chopra who somehow finds her ground amidst slo-mos and forced action. She makes her character believable despite having to mouth some really corny dialogues. Prakash Jha is nicely restrained as cop who experiences change-of-heart. But if at all his performance doesn’t feel very strong then he has got only himself to blame for forcefully placing himself in action scenes which is where he is quite unconvincing. Manav Kaul is very good as a menacing and manipulative politician.

To put things into perspective, Jai Gangajal is too long for a plot that’s already overcooked. The performances are fairly good and the screenplay in some parts does leave an impact. But these are bits and spurts of relief in an otherwise average film.

Rating : 2/5

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  1. sputnik 7 years ago

    Prakash Jha in action scenes? Wow.

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