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Once while I was watching a Music Channel I came across a blissful disco reggae groove in the simply deliriously fabulous ‘ aye mere dil to gaaye jaa, ye aye ya o aaye yaa” I knew The Megastar is born. His full name is Hrithik Nagrath Roshan normally termed or referred with various adjectives such as India’s Greek God, Perfectionist, Best Dancer, Charming and Electrifying described as most “Complete Actor”. Today he is the only Superstar who can compete with trio Khan’s of the Hindi Film industry. India’s first Super hero, Named as Ultimate Style Icon by Yahoo India Survey he has definitely changed the style quotient of today’s youth.

With the looks that could kill, Physique to die for he is one of the most Charismatic actor of our times. His hairstyle, his wardrobe, his chiseled face, sun kissed complexion, height is a pleasant change from the rest, his body is definitely the most natural of the lot. With his 6-pack abs he’s blessed with those great genes we all crave. Or perhaps it’s his dance moves that keep him on the ball.

He started the trend of cropped suit, thick framed spectacles, scarfs and sport jackets with a manly confidence which is unpretentious able to handle any situation that may come his way is an inspiration to today’s youth, an idol to many and an example to most. Children love him, Women die for him and People adore him – that’s Hrithik for you. While unveiling his was statue he said “I was stunned when I saw my wax figure” that says it all. He is no fewer perfectionists than Aamir Khan, that’s what Subhash Ghai had to say about him “He takes interest in each department of filmmaking and keeps inspiring his directors all the time. Hrithik is electricity in front of the camera and puts in lot of dedication in his work. I love him for that and wish him greater success in future too”.

“Hrithik Roshan has been a big inspiration” – Karan Pangali is that 24 year old choreographer/performer from London, who last year shocked everybody with an outstanding audition for the reality show Just Dance. He also supported Anna H

azare and his movement against anti-corruption, this what he said – “I support Anna Hazare, It’s TIME to make a CHANGE” which can only inspire and motivate the youths to follow his footsteps for a good cause.

His filmography had ups and downs with some of the biggest blockbusters to few disasters but right now one can only say he has amazing future projects lined up that can only enthrall the audience with his awesome looks, daredevil acts and dance moves in Krhish 3 and mind-blowing performance in Shankar’s next

  1. Avatar Author
    fearlesssoul 9 years ago

    Post dedicated to Hrithik and his fans 😛

    • Avatar
      sputnik 9 years ago

      Looks like there are no Hrithik fans here and even Baba has not commented here 😉

      After Hrithik’s debut in Kaho Na Pyaar Hai I thought he would become the next No 1 as he had everything – looks, height, physique, dancing skills and even acted well. His acting was appreciated in Fiza and Mission Kashmir back then but with movies like AMALL, NTJH, MPKDH, Yaadein he screwed up his career and even his acting was bad in them.

      While he is still a superstar and one of the top stars I don’t think he has done justice to the potential he displayed after KNPH.

      • Baba Ji
        Baba Ji 9 years ago

        “even Baba has not commented here ”

        why do u think i shud coment here sputnik? This post seems to be written from girlish perspectives praising his looks,his dressing sense,dance and what not. 😛 nothing to discuss about.

        Hrithik after KNPH tried to copy srk model and failed.infact all those stars who tried to copy his model failed.The public cannot bear another srk,Since 2003,hrithik followed aamir model and is making better films 😀

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