Hilarious Scene from Kites

During Kites, Hrithik used to argue that it was a tragic film and hence it didn’t work. However I felt I never realised Hrithik’s comic timing better than in Kites especially from 7:58 to 8:40 in the scene I posted.The moment bullet hits Hrithik, he suddenly becomes more nasal than Himesh Reshammiya. It is amazing that he is just hit by the bullet but he refuses to drop the fake accent. “Drive the car Lindaaaaa,,I am okkkkkk” and i thought he had left MPKDH behind him. While this is going on, we hear the hollywood sensation (Barbara Mori, who looked like a MILF in the film) speaking dialogues like “please don’t go, we need to make babies ,remember?” rofl

There is another scene where Hrithik is cheering up Barbara, he says “You had a dream, I had a dream, now we have a bigger dream”. Then in that kiss scene , “If you dont like my kiss, then give it back to me”. I think even my 7 year old cousin will write a lesser dumb dialogue than that. All this in the name of international crossover cinema.

Makers said Kites is a love story. Well,Kites is not a symbol of love. It is a symbol of competition. In the start of the film, Hrithik says “Jab do Patang ek saath udte hain to ek ko kat ke girna padta hai” which is how the film should have been. He should have killed barbara and lived happily ever after 😀

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  1. Doga 10 years ago

    Even from this small clip , one can see that the movie was doomed.

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