Tera Bayaan Ghalib – Letters & Ghazals Of Mirza Ghalib

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    hithere 9 years ago

    Thanks for posting. I probably can listen to it 24×7.

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      sputnik 9 years ago

      You are welcome. I listened to half of the first part. Gulzar’s reading of the letters and Jagjit Singh singing – its priceless.

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        Ritz 9 years ago

        Thanks for this.

        Gulzar’s poetry is hugely inspired by Ghalib chaha.

        The beautiful contradictory wordings like “Dafn kar do hame ke saans mile” (From Ghazal “Sham se Aankh me nami si hai)


        “aakash bada buddha baba, sab ko kuchh bant te jata hai
        aankho ko nichoda maine bahut , par koee aansu utra nahee ”

        (He has not even given me tears ) – From Lekin’s “mai ek sadi se baithi hu”

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    Reddemon 9 years ago

    Brilliant stuff. This video is a pure pleasure and a great refreshment.
    Thnx for posting

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    Ritz 9 years ago

    On the main heading of this video “Ye tera bayaan ghalib”

    Its the maqta (last sher of ghazal wherein normally Shayar referers to himself directly / indirectly ) – The ghazal is “ye na thi hamaari qismat”

    It goes like this:

    ye masaail-e-tasavvuf, ye teraa bayaa.N ‘Ghalib’
    tujhe ham walii samajhate, jo na baada(h)_Khvar hota

    masaail: maxim (A short, pithy statement expressing a general truth or rule of conduct.)
    tasavvuf: Mysticism (Belief that union with or absorption into the Deity or the absolute, or the spiritual apprehension of knowledge inaccessible to the intellect, may be attained through contemplation and self-surrender) – from google definations

    These maxims of mysticism and your sublime oration, Ghalib;
    We would have taken you for a saint had you not been a wine-drinker.

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    Ritz 9 years ago

    Gulzar has not done any effort to be simplistic here. Only ppl who know life of Ghalib from his childhood and basic understanding of Urdu will be able to understand this.

    And I thank him for being true to the language – Udru. Lovely dialogues…

    Will comment more when I am through with this….as of now only 40% or so.

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      sputnik 9 years ago

      But isn’t Gulzar reading Ghalib’s letters enacting as Ghalib? So how can he simplify it?

      And thanks for Ghalib’s couplets with the meanings and English translation.

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    Ritz 9 years ago


    I know u hate Jagjeet n all…

    But please give this a try…..give it a try when u have time…

    I know Jagjit was not a best Ghazal singe3r out there but the below line from Ghalib Ghazal is sung by him in amazing way…

    I dont think any other Ghazal singer wud have sung it / composed it in a better way than Jagjit …

    Ate haiN Gaib se ye mazaamii.N Khayaal me.n
    ‘Ghalib’, sariir-e-Khaamaa navaa-e-sarosh hai

    [Gaib=hiidden/mysterious, mazaamiiN=topics, sariir=scratchiing sound made by a pen]
    [Khaama=pen, navaa=sound, sarosh=angel]

    The scratching sound of writing is actually a call of angels giving him mysterious thoughts…

    The way Jagjt has sung it – he is almost there…..the way Ghalib imagined/wrote.

    In above video listen from 0:57 onwards..

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    Ritz 9 years ago

    “yun hi gar rota raha ‘Ghalib’, to ae ahl-e-jahan
    dekhna in bastiyon ko tum ki viraan ho gain”

    I am almost in trans when Gulzar says…this….

    A perfect album….only an Aamir cud have done this for Chacha ….other than Gulzar saab…

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    Ritz 9 years ago

    The ending with “na tha kuch to kuch to khuda tha” is so much like quantum theory….perfect ending.

    Ghalib Chacha is forever.

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    Anjanpur685Miles 7 years ago

    Why Ghalib is so unique than other poets like Tukaram/Surdas/Kalidas/Kabir….etc..

    The best speech on Ghalib I have ever heard

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    Chaalu-Chaiwaala 7 years ago

    On this 27th December I will sincerely try to be in Delhi !!

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