My journey as Bollywood fan and AKSHAY KUMAR FAN . Please share Yours(ALL STAR FANS)

Iam starting it with my story about how i became an Akshay kumar fan(Thanks @iitianWay who suggested this) I hope others also join in and pitch in with their journey or story .

My first exposure to movies is with doordarshan. i used to watch shammi kapoor , Govinda and Mithun movies in late 80s as 4-5 year old kid(i was smart kid my mom used to tell me that i used to call my mom by her name imitating my father as early 1-2 year old if i remember correctly 🙂 ) . I was a fan Of govinda and mithun, that time and my mom used to tell me that kaisa favourite hai tera, who is liked by jhuggi jhopdi walas only. In 1990 when swarg released i stubbornly requested my father to bring VCR as i wanted to watch govinda movies, despite my father being strict he rented VCR as i got good marks then(ghrwaalo ne danda maar maar ke jo padaya tha 😉 ) 🙂 .. I still remember we brought Jaisi karni vaisi Bharni , swarg, disco dancer , maine pyar kiya etc… i didnt sleep and kept watching to maximize the number of movies i can watch

Actually my father and mom watched Maine pyar kiya and Pathar ke phool in theatre and chotta bachcha jaan ke mujhko nahi lekar gaye the 🙁 so that was another reason for him to relent to my demands, as i was angry because of that..

My maternal parents being from a comparatively well to do family used to have VCR , so going to there house and staying there was always a treat . i and my maternal uncle watched Samundar starring sunny deol( i still love that movie) and evil dead and few other movies at house when all others have gone out of station .. thats how much crazy i was about movies, that i preferred staying back rather than going out of station.

Now came Saugandh – a handsome boy walking on hands captured my imagination and that song “isiliye teri maa ne tera naam rakha hai shivam” made me go crazy about this action hero, khiladi ,Ashant, Kayda Kanoon, jai kishen, Mr bond(yeah u heard it right i loved these movie as a kid 🙂 ) and they made me his fan and i became stronger and loyal fan with success Of waqt humara hai,elaan,Mohra, sabse bada khiladi, Khiladiyon ka khiladi…

I used to like action movies starring other actors as well . i loved Jigar and divya shakti as well but somehow Ajay devgan lacked that cool looks, persona and Charisma for me to become his fan and same goes for sunil shetty whose Balwan and Anth i liked a lot …

During this time, a Srk, sallu had no relevance for me , though i used to like aamir for jo jeeta wohi sikander, hum hai rahi pyar ke , Dil hai ki maanta nahi, despite me being not a fan of romantic movies . i started liking Srk after DDLJ a bit which strengthened over a period of time(for me he still sucks in axn be it ram jaane, josh , don, one two ka four or recent Ra 1) Sallu i liked for the first time in veer gati , then pyar kiya to drana kya , judwa etc made me open to his movies as well. Sunny deol i didnt used to like(as i used to have an image that he only shouts) till he blew my mind away with his performance in Ghatak and jeet and also i saw arjun at that time. Meanwhile with advent of Zee cinema and Amitabh bachchan movies i became his fan as well, i just used to imagine how this movie would have looked like on big screen because of the persona , voice and screen presense amitabh has..

My first akshay movie in theatre was Mr And Mrs khiladi with whole family and extended family from mother’s side in radhu place. we loved that movie and was saddened to know that it bombed… But it is still etched in my memory and is one of my favourite comedy

Akshay was recovering through his bad patch (1997-1999) when HR entered the movies , being a teenage with so many girls around, the romantic movie – KNPH was and the songs it had captured my attention and i became his fan as well But akshay was still my most Favourite but HR would have toppled him but he strengthened that position when he started doing movies different from his image like Jaanwar, sangharsh,Ajnabi, aitraaz, aankhein , hera pheri, waqt etc after which i started admiring Akshay Kumar as an actor as well rather than mere an Action hero. Infact for me he has better comic timing than Govinda
(peopel may argue over it) but thats my personal opinion , Even in action( martial arts based action) – he is THE BEST for me.

Infact to be honest i liked Akshay before 2008 more, who used to do various genres than the akshay kumar of 2008-2010 started playing safe with too many comedies(infact i used to get ircked when he used to say in his interviews that only comedies work on Box office which ofcourse wasnt the truth) , but thankfully he realized it , better late than never. Though he is not having a great run on Box office but i like the fact that he has shown his potential in almost all genres and is one of the most versatile actor for me … some people have gone on to write his obituaries that if this doesnt work he will be over , if that doesnt work he will be over but iam damn confident he will be back amongst Top-5(Box office performance wise) atleast in 2012

As a fan i want a historical/period movie in akshay filmography even if it bombs( i heard about a movie called chanakya in late 90s and early 2000s having him as main lead and him playing tipu sultan in some jhansi bai movie in 2000s bt i think they never materialized) and yeah many action movies (not raw action which sunny or sallu do, though one or two movie in that field is ok for me) but more so movies where action is based on martial arts and various other arts of fighting and stay away from comedy for few years

I have written this while chatting on SB so if u find my thoughts not arranged well or incoherent please ignore it
I have very simple styloe of writing plus i cant write heavy duty english words (i tried working hard on vocab during my MBa preparation but i used to forget them) so ended in SRCC else wd have passed CAt where i got a good percentile , a better vocab wd have Gt me in IIMs or FMS so please excuse me for not using such high duty words as iam not as good a writer as Milind and few other are.

I know i have written that i like almost all the actors but thats the truth however Akshay is higher for me than other actors despite me liking almost all actors


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