Top 25 cars of the Auto Expo 2011 :)

Modern and innovative, the Ford EcoSport was made to combine best-in-class design, technology, quality and safety aimed at attracting a new generation of consumers in different global markets. EcoSport will be made at Ford India’s plant near Chennai. The vehicle comes with a new one-litre, three-cylinder petrol engine with turbo charger and direct injection. The company says it will match the performance of a 1.6-litre engine, thanks to the EcoBoost technology. It will have 120 PS of power and be mated to a five-speed manual transmission, giving the Ford EcoSport a footprint that is small enough for urban driving yet robust enough for a trip out of the city.

Maruti’s Ertiga MPV was arguably the most talked-about premiere at the 2012 Auto Expo. Powered by next generation K-series 1.4litre V V T engine, Ertiga will offer a mileage of 16.02 kmpl. This seven-seater will be available in diesel variant as well, powered by the 1.3 DDiS engine inherited from SX4. It will give a mileage of 20.77 kmpl. Built on an extended Swift platform, the Ertiga is said to be launched by the end of the first quarter and will slot in below the Innova and Xylo both in size and price.

XA Alpha
XA Alpha combines ruggedness and muscle – the traditional attributes of a sports utility vehicle (SUV) with elegance, a certain finesse and compactness. In XA Alpha, the ‘Alpha’ represents trendiness and newness that the youth connect to. The ‘A’ signifies that this compact, 4 metre long concept, is designed for customers wishing to enter the utility vehicle segment and the ‘X’ denotes cross-over category.

Nissan GTR
Despite its blistering performance, the new GT-R’s advanced all-wheel drive chassis means it can be driven fast and skillfully by anyone. The extraordinary Nissan GT-R is one of the fastest vehicles in the world, capable of lapping the fearsome Nurburgring race in Germany in under 7mins 30 seconds, making it one of the fastest road cars in the world. The figures are mind boggling. In its latest MY12 guise, the 3.8-litre twin turbo V6 engine develops a scarcely believable 550PS, to give a 0-100kph time of 2.84 seconds and a top speed near 320kph.

Tata has unveiled Pixel city car concept at the Delhi Auto expo and it was definitely the star at Tata’s pavilion. The Tata Pixel, with ‘Zero Turn’ drive and an innovative diamond-shaped door system, is a new city car concept for Europe from Tata Motors. Based on the Tata Nano, the Pixel – at just over three metres in length – is the most package efficient four-seater in the world, comfortably accommodating four adults, unlike a typical city car which is either a two-seater or can accommodate two adults and two children only.

Skoda RS 2000
For the first time in India, Skoda presented a concept for an especially sporty variant of the Fabia: the Fabia RS 2000. Skoda’s designers took the successful rally car Fabia Super 2000 and turned it into a unique roadster made for dynamics, sportiness and pure driving pleasure. With its motorsport-oriented super wide layout, the Fabia RS 2000 has room for four occupants, each of who will find access to the car easy. Low-slung windows all around do not just permit perfect 360° vision, but also a permanent experience of nature and freshness.


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