Exotic Song by Priyanka Chopra ft. Pitbull

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    sputnik 9 years ago

    Liked the song. Much better than her previous one In My City.

  2. Shalu Dhyani 9 years ago

    What is this? An extended ad for swimming costumes?

  3. Baba 9 years ago

    i dont think priyanka has looked more hotter ever. the video seems inspired by the JLo videos. but unlike them , it never goes to the next level (topless) 😉 towards the end

  4. Jaya Lahori 9 years ago

    Haven´t seen or heard her previous one,was it a hit or something? Priyanka looks hot in this one´ dint care for the song.

  5. aryan 9 years ago

    Excellent Singing by Priyanka and looks beautiful in the video.

  6. Bored 9 years ago

    wtf cares for the song? priyanka is a bomb

  7. mate 9 years ago

    Very poor display of singing, neither the video is impressive nor Priyanka looks hot from any angle, although she tries her best to give an ‘exotic’ feel but fails miserably and comes with totally repulsive feel. It’s like if you bring Kalki in bikini or even nude but you never be attracted to her. (In priyanka case, it’s not always but only in this particular video.) 😀

  8. Suprabh 9 years ago

    The song was so bad,,I couldn’t go beyond 1 minute or so..

    Filled with Autotune/excessive voice manipulation.

    Ridiculously mediocre.

  9. Suprabh 9 years ago

    0:35 onward its just a not-so clever rework of this song


  10. Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

    I am so happy Priyanka Chopra.

    She is getting right there where she belongs.

    ….ridiculed by everyone.

    Pathetic song.

  11. ank_16n 9 years ago

    Crap…bad song Hindi lyrics and singing made it look even more bad..!!

  12. Suprabh 9 years ago

    Don’t know if anyone here noticed this or not..but the song has just a few lines (english and hindi) being repeated ..over and over again throughout the song…It could well have been the case where Priyanka would have just sung the first 1 minute and then they’d have recorded it and played it the next two times.

    What a waste.

  13. Suprabh 9 years ago


    I get it that it was priyanka’s passion to become a singer…I get it that she wanted to go global….what I don’t get it is..when you have all the money and all the resources in the world to pursue your passion- you come up with this Shit?

    • Baba 9 years ago

      what did you want her to do? bharatnatyam? atleast she looks like as much “international'” as any Jlo or christina aguilera in it.most of their songs are also just 3-4 lines repeated together and are just as cheesy.

      • ank_16n 9 years ago

        ” atleast she looks like as much “international’” as any Jlo or christina aguilera in it.”

        please u must be kidding next what u find Alia bhatt as angelina jolie of india or salma hayek??????

        watch priyanka’s body language in this song she is not even 1% of jlo..!!

        and if u find someone hot just bcoz she is wearing minimal clothes then sunny leone might be the hotess girl acc. to ur definition. 😉

  14. Serenzy 9 years ago

    I haven’t heard much of International Pop Songs and stuff but I totally get the drift and agree that “most of their songs are also just 3-4 lines repeated together and are just as cheesy” if NOT all their Songs.

    Song is BAD but Priyanka Chopra does look HOT in the Video which is definately better than her previous attempt ‘In My City’.

  15. Suprabh 9 years ago

    Baba– “atleast she looks like as much “international’” as any Jlo or christina aguilera in it.”

    its like saying..someone is world famous in India.

    • Baba 9 years ago

      NRIs will never critise american stars. aakhir ghar wapas jo jaana hai

      • Suprabh 9 years ago

        I criticize Jlo, Aguilera or anyone for songs of such quality.

  16. FS 9 years ago

    Very good song… What’s wrong with the video that everyone criticizing it? Same thing is done by Rihanna, Jlo, Beyonce in most of their videos & she has only followed the suit. Priyanka is looking Hot no doubt abt it.

    • Suprabh 9 years ago

      hardly anyone has criticized the video..its the song that almost everyone called crap.

      • FS 9 years ago

        Song is also good and most of the pop singers are singing the same thing, same paragraph is repeated multiple times.

        • Suprabh 9 years ago

          Its good if one likes such song.

          Here’s the biggest hits in last few years

          Now check out the lyrics of these songs….Way more writing and good ones for a pop song…rather just ranting “I am feeling so exotic..a 100 times”

          Lady Gaga- Bad Romance
          Lady gaga- Poker Face
          Lady Gaga- Paparazzi
          Lady gaga- Alexandro

          Beyonce- Listen
          Beyonce-Run the world
          Beyonce- Love the top

          Rihanna – Diamond
          Rihanna- Stay
          Rihanna- We found love in a hopeless place (this song has probably the least lyrics and hence comparable..but even its lyrics are a 100 times better than Priyankas Exorcist..oops…exotic)

          Even Teenage stars like Demi Lovato write better lyrics than EXOTIC.

  17. Suprabh 9 years ago

    I dont know if people in India listen to the other hits from US..even for the pop category…Here are some songs..just in case…I am a hardcore rock music lover but even I don’t mind them..The lyrics are good an so is the singing.

    and btw, these are all big hits

  18. Suprabh 9 years ago

    People comparing this crap song with Jlo and Christina Aguilera.. Christina Aguilera’s voice has so much range…that Priyanka cant even achieve with Autotune….Listen to the above song I posted ..if you want to hear yourself.

    • FS 9 years ago

      Well suprabh, i guess you are over reacting. Priyanka is not a professional singer, she is an actress but her passion encouraged her to sing and no doubt being Indian she has made her mark in International arena with City and now Exotic where even Indian Professional singers didn’t succeed nor made any noise internationally. It’s a big achievement what she has done. I liked both songs of her and so do my colleagues. Even in this forum few have liked the song. And don’t compare the singing, definitely she is not comparable to the great pop singers but this song may have short lyrics so do other hits of International pop singers.

      About those songs you posted, every morning 1 and half hours, every evening 1 and a half hours i put on English radio channel to listen all the latest hits due to heavy traffic and I am aware of all the latest hits. The diamond song of Rihanna has also lot of repetition.

  19. hithere 9 years ago

    log Indians ki safaltaa se jalte hain 😉

    ps – Who is investing money?

  20. Suprabh 9 years ago


    Do you really think Priyanka has succeeded?

    More people here knew about Dhanush and Kolaveri Di than they know about In my city/Exotic.

    Besides, do you really think Priyanka is making big because of her singing?

    She basically took a one line song..invested a ton of money . hired pitbull/will.i.am and made a package rather than a song..

    People who confuse her tiny ass success (her album only sold big in India- NOT in international markets) with Jlo and Aguilera are looking from a narrow window.

  21. ank_16n 9 years ago

    Priyanka apes Britney,Katy & JLos style!

    Priyanka Chopra has done a Britney Spears this time.And a Jennifer Lopez and Katy Perry! We are talking about her sparkly nude-coloured sequinned dress in her new single Exotic,with rapper Pitbull.The outfit is similar to that worn by Britney in her 2004 smash hit Toxic video.Katy shimmered similarly on the red carpet at a movie awa-rds night in 2010.Jennifer,clad in a nude bodysuit encrusted with strategically placed crystals,set temperatures racing during her performance at a music awards show in 2011.She too had Pitbull for company.

    Priyanka Chopra in her music video with Pitbull

    Britney Spears in the video for Toxic

    Jennifer Lopez performs at a music award show with Pitbull

    Katy Perry at a movie awards show


  22. Author
    sputnik 9 years ago

    Priyanka Chopra Snags Timbaland, Zedd, Bonnie McKee & More for U.S. LP

    Priyanka Chopra is a bonafide superstar in her native India—4.7 million Facebook likes and 4.5 million Twitter followers helped her win most-influential Indian last year—and she’s enlisting the help of America’s biggest hitmakers to extend her reach Stateside.

    For her early 2014 LP, the 31-year-old stunner has tapped super producers Timbaland, RedOne and Zedd. She’s also writing with songwriters Bonnie McKee (“Roar,” “Teenage Dream”) and Ester Dean (“S&M,” “Where Have You Been”). “It’s a fun album, it’s pop,” the self-professed Tupac fanatic says. “It’s got a mix of many, many different kinds of genres.”

    That mixing of genres is heard in her new Pitbull collabo “Exotic,” a thumping club track with a Hindi chorus. Find out what the chorus translates to, and why she thinks she represents India, in the interview above. Then watch the “Exotic” music video, where Chopra rocks stomach-baring outfits and sexy swimsuits, below.


    • Suprabh 9 years ago

      She’s also writing with songwriters Bonnie McKee (“Roar,” “Teenage Dream”) and Ester Dean (“S&M,” “Where Have You Been”).


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