Madras Cafe Movie Review

Madras cafe is one of the finest movie to be made this year.
In my list it would come right after BMB (Which i found flawless after 1st viewing)
The basic plot of the movie is about assassination of PM and it has been presented brilliantly. The movie has twists cmg at regular intervals.
The background score suits the theme of the movie.
Editing is brilliant.
They have captured the beauty of sri lanka brilliantly.

John is very good and way abve the standards set by him( Though sum1 else could have played it better )… Nargis Fakri hardly has any dialogue in Hindi but she is very good as international journalist. Her accent is amazing. The supporting cast is brilliant.. They keep us glued to the movie.
John’s look in the start of the movie is amazing.. The climax it amazing.. The movie has nail biting moments, It has many scenes that shall touch your heart and there a few scenes which are disturbing.

The only flaw i feel is they could have skipped John’s love story with his wife. Keeping that aside it is a brilliant movie.

Over all Madras Cafe is a must watch for movie lovers.. Go for it
I would rate in 4 on 5

You can read the full review here 🙂

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  1. Baba 10 years ago

    nice review. welcome to tq himesh 😀

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