The Quick and the Dead Review by Sputnik

In this edgy and darkly humorous Western, a mysterious young woman rides into the lawless town of Redemption to settle an old score that has haunted her since she was a child. She becomes swept up in a deadly quick-draw tournament and, in order to win her revenge, must compete in a contest in which gunslingers from all over put their lives on the line for fame and fortune.

Had watched this some years back on cable TV and liked it a lot. Have recommended the movie to others in the past. Revisited it after a while.

Its a good entertaining western. Its directed by Sam Raimi of Evil Dead fame. So there are some characters with almost horror movie like make up. And there are a couple of scenes with gunshots that make holes through head/body which felt odd.

Sharon Stone looked very pretty but did not like her acting/character that much. She looked scared in many of the scenes which seemed somewhat unnecessary. Gene Hackman was absolutely brilliant in the role of Herod and he was the star of the show. Russell Crowe was very good too. A very young Leonardo DiCaprio was very good as the bragging son of Gene who wants to earn his father’s respect.


P.S. This was a comment I originally made in December 2014.


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