My Thoughts on Agneepath

I cannot write reviews. So these are just my thoughts. Just came back from the movie Agneepath. Its a horrible movie, worst movie of the year 2012. Bad direction, bad songs, bad dialogues, bad screenplay and bad editing. Horrible direction by Karan Malhotra and Karan Johar gave stupid publicity for this director. Old Agneepath was better than this.

Hrithik Roshan was just mumbling his dialogues. Could not understand many times what dialogue he was saying. I felt like I was watching some actor in a French language movie. Priyanka was over acting. Only Rishi Kapoor acted well and was good. Even Sanjay Dutt was not good.

The theater I saw in was running housefull but I saw that tickets were available freely in another theater. The collections will drop completely from tomorrow. I even heard that many people are leaving the theater after first half. I went with a friend and my friend was cursing me for taking him to this movie.

Even Chikni Chameli song was just average. When movie is bad everything about it seems bad. Seemed like they did those dance steps with great difficulty.

Now some stupid scenes.

Om Puri is DIG. When some goon comes to kill Om Puri, Hrithik comes to rescue him. The goon has a gun and Hrithik has a knife. But he does not shoot Hrithik and Hrithik kills him easily.

Sanjay Dutt controls one village and he has lot of goons. Hrithik easily plants bombs and kills so many of them. That’s the biggest blunder in the movie.

I did not like Bodyguard also but Bodyguard was better than this.

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  1. narad_muni 12 years ago

    thanks for your views.
    I am yet to see a genuine user review praising the movie.

    I will give this one a skip..Frankly, when I came to know about the almost 3-hour running time, I was not hopeful of the movie being gud…personally, I find it difficult to sit through a 3-hour long movie even if it is good.

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