Agent Vinod Second Day Business

Agent Vinod grossed around 8.50-8.75 crore nett on Saturday taking its two day total to 18 crore nett plus. There were holidays in a few states on Friday so a few circuits like Mumbai, Nizam, Mysore etc were also going to be up and down due to the holiday factor. But the fact that Delhi and Punjab which had normal two days and are multiplex heavy did not grow will make it tough for the film in the long run.

The single screens were always going to struggle so the drop there on Saturday is no surprise but multiplexes not showing major growth from Friday levels which were not huge means sustaining on Monday is unlikely.

Sunday should be better but remains to be seen if it is better than Friday and if so by how much


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  1. sanket porwal 12 years ago

    Just wish that this film will cross 55-60, which I dont know why, but i think it wont 🙁 Hope the film settles down with atleast 4cr monday! 41cr first week may be! HOPES ARE ON!

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