Agent Vinod Has Lukewarm Advance At Single Screens

The advance booking of Agent Vinod opened at most single screens on Monday and the results were not so good. The Delhi single screens like Delite, Vishal, etc which are amongst the best collecting single screens in the country had an advance 40-50% less than Don 2. Comparing with the other big screen count releases of the past six months Bodyguard and Agneepath it was 70-80% less but these were more single screen friendly films and holiday releases.

The multiplex advance at most multiplexes will start today and is likely to see better results.

Agent Vinod is likely to have a a screen count in India of around 2500 which is amongst the top five to six of all time and by far the biggest Saif Ali Khan release.


  1. sanket porwal 12 years ago

    This isnt any news to me. The multiplexes will surely perform well. And I have booked my tickets for first day first show. 8.30am 🙂

    Damn Excited!

    And seems like it is 150-155 minutes long! Hmmm

    • Author
      sputnik 12 years ago

      Will wait for your review.

      Yes it seems that the movie will not do well at the single screens. I have a feeling that the movie will have a lot of subtle references to old spy movies (Bollywood & Hollywood) and that will go over the head of most of the audiences.

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