Tiger with a Meow! ETT

I wont discuss the plot. You know it. I won’t tell you the twist. Mayank Shekhar has already told you. I won’t tell you about the bike stunt that is plain ridiculous and awe-inspiring at the same time. I won’t tell you that locales were good or that “comparing” it to previous Salman’s films, it looked great. All these are ridiculous stuffs for a film that sees it’s spy more like a old-age version of Balakrishna dancing with Anushka in Okkamakadu [Hindi Version: The Real Indian] rather than presenting him as suave, sharp, charming and intelligent.

Spy falling in love is a rare stuff. Sunny Paaji tried it once long back. If Gadar broke BO records, a 74 crores nett in 2001, then the subsequent attempt to uproot Pakistan fizzled out as he sang the most haunting song of history which saw “Sar” and “Dar” in unique conjugating position. James Bond also tried it once. Timothy Dalton had fallen in love once. Even the latest poster boy Daniel Craig did fall in love but all the previous installments saw a spy utilizing anything around him to achieve the security of a nation. The day Bollywood comes out of a web and can tell a story without thinking about catering to every lallu/pangu in cinema hall, it will be ready to match the best in the world. So apna Salman Khan is the rigid, ferocious, tiger who symbolizes the breed of Intelligence Officers on the verge of retirement. But ailaaa, they turn him into a modern Hulk+Raj+Bourne+Bond+BharatKumar and then spin the story which I can shout out in 3 lines. Eventually the whole movie turns out to be a crap fest after a brilliant start, the action scenes are choreographed well but without a place in the story. They are just to appease the “bhai” fans.

I had given BG-4/5 stars because I liked Salman in the movie, possibly because he spoke little. Here Katrina looks agile, fit, classy, suave and smart. Salman is more like a Madam Tussaud’s statue who is there so that likes of Adarsh and Guha can ejaculate on the bhaigiri, which is evidently missing. My main grievance is why not utilize Salman better. He has the machismo,the charisma.. why not impart him a better standing than just to use him as a prop to fill your bank accounts. This is what happens when you start doing formulaic films.. transition or utilization becomes impossible. BW is no south where a trend lasts long. It is always changing, always in transition. Why not make Salman do some hard work? Why not allow him a role that is larger than life but justifiable too. A strong and emphatic role that stamps its authority with a real roar, not meowing as he does in ETT. If someone thinks Salman has never done such a role before…. refresh your memory.. his strongest roles came in “Bandhan”… a “bhai-trait-less” semi-classic that showed what Salman can do in a justifiable role. BG was very similar to Bandhan in feel, thus I liked it but yes it was much less a worthy attempt.

Amitabh’s later innings–Mard, Coolie, Aakhiri Raasta, Shehanshah were record openers and huge grossers but where do they stand with respect to Deewar, Zanjeer, Laawaris… Nowhere!! Salman should stop aiming BB,that will come easy..if he is to really challenge something,he should start challenging himself.No More No Less!

My RATING: Doesn’t matter..These ratings are figments of imaginations!

  1. Shalu 9 years ago

    Agree with you about Amitabh’s later films not being a patch on Deewar, Sholay, AAA.

    • Author
      Milind 9 years ago

      Yes,these films of Salman are just taking him to doom..use that man better..he is capable of much more!

  2. Baba Ji 9 years ago

    LOL milind, this is not one of your trademark reviews.You has used a different style here.

    I dont think bandhan was one of his strong roles.I prefer him in KA,veergati mode.

  3. Bored 9 years ago

    Salman is just doing what he knows he can do best, and succeeding way above anyone else. Dont think he or his fans have any regrets.

    This may not last forever, but for sometime now he is bigger than any Khan has ever been – that is a lot to achieve. If one is looking for good films, there are plenty of other films being made.

    • Author
      Milind 9 years ago

      If that period of 2 years is a lot to achieve..Guess SRK is then already way above this whole race considering he has dominated the scenario and the taste for 15 years!

      • Bored 9 years ago

        SRK may have been the most dominant star in the 10 year period starting from DDLJ to Veer Zaara; but when did he have 4 massive solo grossers in a period of 2 years?

        SRK’s most consistent phase was probably between K3G and VZ, but that was not much compared to Salman from Dabangg to ETT. Aamir probably had greater momentum from Ghajini to 3 Idiots, but then he took a break.

        • Bored 9 years ago

          Also think that Salman’s dream run will continue with Dabangg2. But Aamir will snatch away the eyeballs once Dhoom 3 releases next year and PK will consequently seal the deal. Even if Sher Khan and Kick succeeds, doubt that their numbers will match up with D3/PK.

          SRK is unlikely to dictate terms in near future. Hrithik may pull out some big numbers with Krrish3, but then one movie every 2 years is not much anyways – he will always be behind the rat race.

          • Author
            Milind 9 years ago

            Yes Yes,.. if we go by your logic.. Aamir will seal the deal with PK. Don’t worry if SRK seals the deal way before Aamir with his three biggies — SRK-YRF Next[ it has more likes than what Talaash had in 8 months],Chennai Express and HNY. Not to forget a film with Rajamajouli is on cards,the script of which he is carrying along in his bag to Ladakhh.

            Aamir is over for the time being.Even when Salman took a 32 crore opening,the talk is SRK vs Sallu..not Aamir vs Sallu…be it trade or be it public. These two quit-essentially define stardom and always will.

            Regards Aamir,it is plain and simple..that man is post-poning Talaash to have it edited better.I will disclose the reason once the movie is near as to why he wants the movie to be re-edited. The movie is a goner considering the recent “masla” king Akki has a release in K786 which will have enuff buzz as the Khiladi movie returning series. DG was a forgotten attempt.SMJ failed to take him to some high TRP ratings that he always wished within. He is slowly being recognized as someone who tries more than required and comes off as a showoff.

            So saying SRK cannot dictate terms is a figment of one’s own imagination.I had rather bet on a star in long run who knew how to rule for some 15 years[DDLJ to RNBDJ] , not 10 years,mind it,rather than a star who after some great innings is lost in the woods regards his next.Don’t be surprised if Aamir disowns the film completely.

            I believe Aamir is in no position to dictate terms now,atleast not in opening terms. SRK did a humongous 25 crore a day and Sallu 32 crore a day. Aamir can’t do that. SRK will further breach the number with his next three.If not 32,then 28/29 definitely. D3 is not something where masses will lap it up,it does not have the charisma of HR that made nation go in tizzy. Aamir is inappropriate for the role.

            And Salman’s run wont end with Dabangg 2.. Karan Arjun know how to rule!

        • Author
          Milind 9 years ago

          He had something known as OSO and CDI followed by RNBDJ in a span of 1.5 years and you are talking!!!

    • Author
      Milind 9 years ago

      “ever been” is wrong. SRK’s Don 2 did 51-52 crores when Salmam+Akki did 24. It is a phase but lngevity of this phase is important

  4. Serenzy 9 years ago

    A Nice ‘Different’ kinda Review Milu.

    Nice Point dat Salman shud be Utilised in Better Ways.

  5. Author
    Milind 9 years ago

    Has SRK played to his strength–attracting family audiences with his feel good movies after RNBDJ?? No!! Let that happen with his next 3, see the scenario!

  6. Serenzy 9 years ago

    RNBDJ did 86cr after sumthing like “26/11” dat too with Absolute ZERO PROMOTIONS + New Leading Lady + No Hit Songs + Not much ‘Great Content’ Either(Compard to DDLJ).

    It had Big ROI, Great Trending and cud hv been 1st Movie to Breach the 100cr mark until u knw what released on Christmas 2008.


    RNBDJ is Truly an Underrated Success among many Bollywood Followers on Social Netwrking Sites.

  7. Serenzy 9 years ago

    1.I am really Excited abt Chennai Express.

    2.Will wait to give my View on YRF Movie till the Theatrical Arrives.

    3.He must Fuck HNY(SCRAP IT!!!p) and do the Rajamouli Movie instead[if it is true as Milind mentnd].

    4.And he must Sign a Movie with Kashyap/Bharadwaj.

    • KM 9 years ago

      HNY is going ahead for sure. It will be a fun entertainer like main hoon na and om shanti om, so what’s wrong with it? He can always do more serious roles later down

  8. Serenzy 9 years ago


    I don’t want Shahrukh to Associate his Name with Farah & Kunder any more!

    Just Stay Friends but Don’t Work with those Morons.

    • KM 9 years ago

      He must have a big heart to forgive them but beyond such issues the film should be good.

  9. Author
    Milind 9 years ago

    Serenezy Don’t forget MHN and OSO both are Record Openers of their times

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