Interstellar’s Science about time dilation is laughable!

Saw Interstellar in IMAX. It takes suspension of disbelief into a whole new ridiculous level.


The movie is like an operatic drama than a sci fi film. I agree with each and every word of Ritz review. For me the worst scene was where Cooper sees Murphy’s childhood bedroom and speaks with her as the “ghost” from her childhood and sends codes through the seconds hand of the clock to save “humanity”. I could not care about the film beyond that point. Ritz has raised many valid points about many aspects here.

I would like to concentrate on one aspect which i found almost laughable. I find the time dilation theory hard to digest. Suppose you are from Jupiter and i am from Earth. In 2 years i become 2 years old according to earth hours and you become 1 year old according to your planet hours. But your body has spent 2 years of earth hours. Then how will you be younger than me?

The science in interstellar for time dilation is laughable.

“A lack of gravity is the main cause for these intense alterations. Gravity is one of the most important forces at work on Earth, and it plays an immense role in the majority of our bodily systems. Take the muscles, for example. Older peoples’ muscles tend to shrink and atrophy as they age and become less mobile. Astronauts’ muscles react in a similar way because they are barely used. That’s why astronauts in space for extended periods of time use special exercise machines to help mitigate this effect.”

  1. AAP 7 years ago

    Great point there Baba. Time dilation on biological level is a Hoax. (Not on physics level or relativity level).

    • Baba 7 years ago

      if you spend 1 year on jupiter and i spend 2 on earth and you come back to earth after 1 year at jupiter, you and i will have the same ageing . body doesnt function like a mathematical equation. it wil age acc to nature. in interstellar, it is shown that you will age less than me and thats what makes the whole thing ridiculous

    • Baba 7 years ago

      astronauts actually age even more than ppl on earth because there is no gravity. the concept shown in interstellar is exactly the reverse

      “A similar process takes place in the bones. After a certain age, people on Earth start to lose mass in their bones, typically at a rate of about 1-to-2 percent a year. But in space, those people lose bone mass at a greatly accelerated rate: as much as 1-to-2 percent a month. Because the astronauts’ skeletal systems don’t need to support their weight, the bones begin to decrease production of new bone material and increase the amount of old bone absorption””

    • Baba 7 years ago

      “If some mass weighs 6kg on earth and only 1kg on moon, we wouldn’t say that the mass is ‘shrunken’ and hence mass is a relative thing. We know that weighing machines (and hence weights) get affected by gravity. It is nothing to do with the accuracy of the machine.

      Likewise, if a clock measures 60 seconds on Moon, it may measure fewer seconds on Earth for the same duration of Time. It doesn’t mean that Time has actually dilated but it is due the fact the clock gets affected by gravity. Instead of tampering the absolute Time, one may introduce something like ‘timeness’ (analogous to ‘weight’) to account for the measured difference in time in different gravitational fields (and accelerated states).”

      excellent point

  2. cr7 7 years ago

    I haven’t seen the movie . So didn’t read your review . But if you’re questioning the science of Interstellar then you might want to listen to it .I haven’t listen it either but I guess it defends interstellar.
    And this one too

    • Baba 7 years ago

      thanks for link. some good points. yes the water in that planet was too shallow and he is right that the high tide would have soaked up all the water on which they were standing. about the scene which i mentioned in first para, he says its based on assumptions and theories about the blackhole. and even there he says its a case of “selective reading of the earth time axis”.

    • Baba 7 years ago

      he ignored time dilation aspect btw

    • AAP 7 years ago

      Thanks for the link. Good points.

      Still the major time-dilation point is ignored by him on biological levels.

      One of my comments from FB on this:

      “Suppose in US and in India the rates of all things are same but only currency conversion is different. its like saying if one person has a daily wage in India as Rs. 60, If a person who has wage of dollar 1 in US, Then if someone says US guy has lesser wage than Indian worker, if someone does a simple arithmatic 1 < 60 , isnt it ridiculous? Both will live same kind of life economically. (ofcourse if we ignore all the other econonical and practical parameters on earth and different contries.) "

  3. cr7 7 years ago

    I’m watching it on Tuesday. Will read the review & share my views after that .

  4. shezad 7 years ago

    Baba what is/Was your verdict for inception?

  5. shezad 7 years ago

    Ok. Bcz there is the same thing in inception toi ( in reverse mode)
    Time spent very quickly in each advance dream.
    And when Dicaprio meet the guy in the limb hé is very old
    But if we take your point of view here also hé should have been the same âge

    Same forexample in japanese anime. De With their ” room time ”
    In bleach, in naruto ect…

    The probleme is u are asking an answer for something that didint exist or à least not known by human.
    Its a sci-fi film, and if for him ( and other exemple i give) body bhi time ke hissab se hi chalti hai to kia karabi hai?
    Bcz you dont have the réal answer too kioun ke aisa houa hi nahi hai.

  6. shezad 7 years ago

    I dont understand why for this film everything have to be exactly correct in all département, even if its a sci-fi movie.

    I have liked planet of apes, even if the monkey speaks.

    U guys have liked singam and i dont know what else, explain me the gravity law in this movies.

  7. shezad 7 years ago

    Baba if the fight on Matt Damon planet had used real mma techniques, to phir kaisi lagti film lolll

  8. sputnik 7 years ago

    Excellent video of Carl Sagan explaining Black Hole in the original Cosmos series.

  9. AAP 7 years ago

    I want to show Interstellar to my Kid.

    I had a change of heart – the time dilation is not laughable at all. Its more about physics . I had already mentioned so on FB in sanity group and made a separate post on it.

    Its just because twin paradox has closed loop so we have different theories. If there is no closed loop – and if human body is given a push in terms of medical science – cell will degrade slowly and aging will be slower.

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