SRK to play Karna in epic film Mahabharat?

It was earlier reported that Shah Rukh Khan is planning to make a film on one of India’s greatest epic Mahabharat and now rumours are rife that the film will focus on the character of Karna.

The actor is apparently having detailed discussions with his team at Red Chillies and plans to pitch in the project at the Berlin Film Festival. It is likely that Shah Rukh himself will play the iconic character.

According to an interview given to a London-based foreign newspaper, SRK is in talks with a foreign production house to market it properly into territories where Bollywood has never been. It will be a truly world commercial release.

Reportedly, the film will be made on an even bigger budget than RA.One and SRK wants the special effects to be far more advanced than Avatar’s. He wants to make it into a trilology like the Lord of the Rings.

  1. sputnik 11 years ago

    SRK’s sarcastic reply to the Karna rumor.

  2. Ritu 10 years ago

    would be interesting to see. he did not do much when he played Ashoka. This act will take some doing. To read about Karna, visit

  3. Kaif Siddiqui 10 years ago

    Thats gr8. Only the true KING can do this

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