Salman Khan to be Gabbar Singh

Seems like we have another blockbuster in hand, with the Dabangg Khan’s name amongst the credits. Because what we figure out from the fresh reports, Salman Khan has acquired the rights of the Tollywood blockbuster movie ‘Gabbar Singh’. And he has done so in lieu of a whopping half a crore rupees. Apparently, the actor has found some scenes of the movie so funny that he is going to incorporate the same ideas in his upcoming ‘Dabangg 2’. So we can be sure that we have another winner in the reckoning at the end of the year.

‘Gabbar Singh’ is making waves throughout the globe with the raw and unique humour in the movie; and when Salman heard about the immense adulation that the movie is garnering from all over, he caught hold of a screening and could not help but stop laughing all through the duration of the movie. The superstar is well known for his comic timing, and the audience too loves seeing him in that avatar. In fact, the primary reason for making a sequel to ‘Dabangg’ was the insurmountable amount of popularity that his ‘Chulbul Pandey’ gained.

Salman is endearing when he does the police officer act. And with the humour out in, the delight multiplies manifold. We await the release of the movie with hardly any patience in us.



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