SOTD: Mujhe Pyar Tumse Nahi Hain – Gharonda

  1. Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago

    Very hummable and great song. Thanks ! Heard it for first time. Loved it.

  2. Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago

    Been to Rajasthan few months back and heard song “O laal meri / Mast Kalandar” too many times in the folk shows. Which is sung by her as well. Dont know what is the meaning of the song (even if its my fav since childhood). I would like to the origin of the song (is it a folk?) and meaning of it..

  3. yakuza 8 years ago

    I yet to listen any song which is filmed on Amol Palekar and not my fav. This one is also Gem.

  4. yakuza 8 years ago

    Also .. All movies of Amol palekar are decent to great. Not even single bad movie .. though profile is limited.

  5. Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago

    ..(cont) and why it is so popular in Rajasthan as well..especially the use of word “laalan” – its not pronounced that way in hindi belt in North India (as far as I know) . That pronunciation doesn’t exist in hindi…but only in Sanskrit/Marathi and Malyalam down south – and in Rajasthan I found same pronunciation. I am curious about this song more than its lyrics – more about its sociological background etc…

  6. Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago

    Oh ya, Punjabi language has that pronounciation as well ..and maybe haryanvi (not sure abt that thought).

  7. Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago


    THanks a lot for the meaning link. But what is this I hear in the song “pehla number” ?? Is it added later on?

    The “Sindh” word in the lyrics explains why its pouplar in Rajasthan as well.

  8. Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago

    And who was “Jhulelal” ? This is very interesting …

    from wiki:

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    Jhulelal (Sindhi/Urdu: جهوللال), (Sanskrit: झूलेलाल) or Jhule Laal, Dariyalal, Zinda Pir or Raja Bharati refers to two interwoven legends in the Sindh, in Pakistan which bring together the Hindu and the Islamic traditions of the region in popular folklore.

    Jhulelal is the Ishta Dev (community God) of Sindhi people.[1] His birthday Cheti Chand[2] which falls on the second day of the Chaitra month is auspicious for Sindhis and is celebrated all over the world with traditional pomp and gaiety.

    The name also refers to Lal Shahbaz Qalandar, a Sufi saint who is seen as a personification of the Hindu river god

  9. aryan 8 years ago

    Excellent Song & Lyrics I liked the movie too its a excellent movie great performances from all Amol Palekar, Zarina Wahab, Sriram Lagoo Etc etc btw Sputnik This song written by Gulzar not Naqsh Lyallpuri pls checked it again.

    • Author
      sputnik 8 years ago

      Its not written by Gulzar. I used to wrongly think as written by Yogesh but its written by Naqsh Lyallpuri.

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