SOTD : Mera Kuch Samaan – Ijaazat

  1. aryan 12 years ago

    Brilliant Song & great lyrics at one time R.D. Burman refused to compose this song lyrics.

    according to wiki
    When Gulzar first showed the non-rhyming lyrics to RD Burman, he jokingly complained that Gulzar would next ask him to set a newspaper headline to music.

  2. Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

    RD Burman was apprently not amused by this song. He thought Gulzar was writing a prose.
    Apparently Asha Bhonsale made RD Burman give music to this song.

    Its in this interview here at around 14:00

    • Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

      Its at 11:30 , Gulzar himself says it.

    • Author
      sputnik 9 years ago

      Have read or heard Gulzar say that in an interview before.

  3. Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

    Gulzar always amuses me . Here id what he says at around 20:00.

    Very valid point here.

    About how ppl silence the voices who oppose them !

    Shahar mein aadmi koi bhi nahi qatl hua
    Naam the logo.N ke jo qat hue!

    Sar nahi kaata kisi ne bhi kahinpar koi
    logon ne “topiya” kaati thi sar pe thi ki jinpe sar the!

    Aur ye behta hua hua surkh lahu hai jo sadakpar,
    jab wo hoti hui gardan se gira tha!

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