Shahrukh Khan’s Box Ofice Desparation: Postpones Raees to make way for Rohit Shetty’s Dilwale


Dilwale to release in 2015 end

I have always said this. I think the khans have become the bigest victim of the media narrative. in an attempt to sustain the “khan triumvirate” argument, they have all sacrified big time on the movie quality. In the same time, akshay has signed films like omg, baby, s26 and airlift and brothers in last 2-3 years? A hrithik signs a completely abstract movie like Mohenjodaro after big films like k3 and BB.

Now the latest is this – Srk is so crazy after box office records that hee pushed Rahul dholakia film (which to me is the only thing that’s faintly close to a potentially good film he has signed in last 10 years) to next year because he wants to do another highly kabaadi trash film for box office records. After the end of his career his movies will hardly be remembered.

Here is how it went:

Dec 2014: Shah Rukh Khan to start shooting for Rahul Dholakia’s ‘Raees’ from February 2015!

March 13, 2015: Shah Rukh Khan’s β€˜Raees’ to release on Eid 2016

March 14, 2015: Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol to come together for Rohit Shetty’s Dilwale

to srk fans : watch Chak de India tonight. it may help. srk was once an actor!

  1. Baba 7 years ago

    as expected @sputnik has not shared this post on this twitter. aakhir andar ka srk fan jaag gaya πŸ˜€

    • Anjanpur685Miles 7 years ago

      Baba, my advice to you – stop scratching. Its a sublime feeling I know and as good as orgasm but you are turning ppl away from this very blog.

      • Baba 7 years ago

        keep your advices to yourself. and drink patanjali magic potions πŸ˜‰

        “but you are turning ppl away from this very blog.”

        i will be very happy if someday i can turn you off from thsi blog. can you help me?

        • Anjanpur685Miles 7 years ago

          I have all the patanjali list with me. I dont find section called as magic potions.

          I think you were referring to Chi energy πŸ˜€

          PS: I am only here for Sputnik, cr, hithere and ppl like them who dont enforce views on others and most necessarily harrass them with their comments all the time. I think you are slowly turning into Milind of sorts in last 2-3 months with personal comments and posts. Its ok. I trust Sputnik on that.

          Regarding you wanting me out, if Sputnik wants me out then fair enough. I am not much of a social network guy anyways.

          I can enforce my egoistic views in real world too πŸ˜‰

          • Baba 7 years ago

            “I have all the patanjali list with me”

            may be you dont read what those prodcuts claim.

            its bad that you are here for spuntik etc. i hate sputnik for that !

            “. I think you are slowly turning into Milind of sorts ”

            i have always been like that. stop complaining like aamir khan

    • sputnik 7 years ago

      First of all it was just some news regarding Raees which could have been posted here as a comment in this thread. There was no need for a separate post for this. You added your usual “Khans vs non Khans” agenda to it.

      And I agree with Ritz that you are turning into a Milind of sorts or some troll with your constant “Khans vs non Khans” thing. When you overdo anything it turns off others from the site.


      Secondly the link for the actual news of postponing of Raees schedule is not even there. Here is the correct link.

      Shoot of Shah Rukh Khan starrer Raees pushed to September

      It says “Excel Entertainment’s Raees, which happens to be one of Shah Rukh Khan’s eagerly awaited films, will go on floor in the last week of this month. A major shooting schedule of the film however has been pushed to September.

      Speaking about this, Ritesh Sidhwani (of Excel Entertainment) said that while the film’s shooting will start from March 28 in Mumbai this year, they are planning to release the film on Eid next year. He also added that, the major schedule of the film will be taking off only in the month of September, the reason being Shah Rukh Khan’s commitment to his home production, Rohit Shetty’s Dilwale.”


      “Now the latest is this – Srk is so crazy after box office records that hee pushed Rahul dholakia film (which to me is the only thing that’s faintly close to a potentially good film he has signed in last 10 years) to next year because he wants to do another highly kabaadi trash film for box office records. After the end of his career his movies will hardly be remembered.”

      What is new in this? SRK has always been giving preference to commercial movies over any other movies. He is always supposed to be doing the next Vishal, Kashyap movie but ends up doing movies with Farah and Rohit. I was expecting that he won’t do it after all the news or that it will be shelved. So its a surprise that he is still doing Raees as of now.

      • Baba 7 years ago

        “There was no need for a separate post for this. ”

        there was no need to make so many separate posts in case of you too in the past and i have pointed it out many times. but you never stopped.anyway your agenda now is known and its good. i see that you have blocked the rights for me to delete the posts otherwise i would have deleted all the posts before leaving.

        fuck you and your communal blog.

        • Ranjit Kumar 7 years ago

          And they were against banning a video πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰

          • sputnik 7 years ago

            Was the post deleted? So don’t talk BS here.

        • sputnik 7 years ago

          I did not delete your separate post even though I thought there was no need for it. I would not even have commented on it till you brought up that I did not share it on twitter.

          Posts cannot be deleted and its same for everyone.

          I don’t spend all my time obsessing over Khans vs non Khans and constantly make comments on them. So anyone can see who is communal and who is not.

        • sputnik 7 years ago

          You tried to delete the facebook page for Tanqeed. I removed your admin rights for that page. I have removed your posting rights here and added your comments to moderation for now.

          • halakoo 7 years ago

            good step, i m also a regular visitor of tq but whenever i tried to comment against this communal baba in his own language, my comments never got posted and always shown in moderation, so i request to you spuntik y my comments are always in moderation, i was a regular visitor of NG but after its death i regularly visit tq, ur blog declined recently due to people like baba so u have to be more vigilent in this regard to make it more filmy blog rather than communal or religous fighting platform.

          • sputnik 7 years ago


            The reason why I put your comments in moderation was because you were either using communal language or because of some abuse.

            Anyway I have now removed your comments from moderation. Please don’t use communal language or abuse anyone. Or I will have to put your comments into moderation again.

        • Parinda 7 years ago

          BABA has long history of being expelled or shameful exit of his own from every other blog. he loves to fight with every admin or mod and accuse them of Bias and what not ? ;)In NG chatbox he was overdoing with FLOPSHAY comment it was really annoying.

          NG , SS, TS chatbox, Filmyshilmy , list is long and one more shameful exit from TQ .

          About admin may be he is srk fan not sure but i have to agree he doesnt discourage any other star fan.

          Baba kisi chiz ka time hota he you could have wait till release and then you could have bombarded srk that could be fun but you have turned serious maniac into khan and non khan by overdoing it is not good for your health and nature πŸ™‚

          people visit filmy blog for some funny jovial or informative comments nor for some annoying or maniac discussion.

        • cr7 7 years ago

          Good riddance .

  2. shan 7 years ago

    What is going on here? It is sad to see such pathetic attempts to degrade someone and incite others.

    Sputnik : You had once asked me why I don’t comment more often. Truth is, I visit tanqeed every single day but dont feel like commenting lately since most conversations are some stupid bs around khan vs non khan or real action vs fake action or some such with agenda. Of course, I am partly responsible since I could have started other conversations to compensate but I dont feel like, since not many respond. I will try to comment more but such topics should be avoided if you don’t want this site to become another naachgaana.

    Baba, get some help.

    • sputnik 7 years ago

      I suspected that you were not commenting more often for that very reason. I am sorry that it was turning you off this site.

      I was letting that thing slide. I tried to ignore it and I had ignored this post too. But I had to let him know that this constant barrage of khan vs non khan thing had become annoying and was turning people off the site.

      • shan 7 years ago

        Yep. Sorry, I will try to be more involved going forward.

        • sputnik 7 years ago

          Thanks Shan. Look forward to more involvement from you.

  3. shan 7 years ago

    Why is my comment awaiting moderation?

    • sputnik 7 years ago

      Sometimes some comments weirdly end up going to moderation. I approved your comment now.

  4. shan 7 years ago

    Thanks. Np πŸ™‚

  5. 7 years ago

    Friends, keep the fights away. Let this site dont go like NG. You may find many Wall-Ds every where. Dont respond to them even if they try to instigate you.

    I love this forum.

  6. MGT 7 years ago

    My correct reading of this matter is the Khans among themselves seem to be having some sort of a pact where they will not allow anyone else to release a movie in any of the the holiday periods.
    They are masterminding this release strategy and effectively killing any competition.

    PK was to release in summer of 2014 and Christmas slot was taken by Bombay Velvet. Suddenly Aamir got into action and postponed the movie to xmas thereby prompting BV to run for cover and come earlier in Nov 14 and then postponing to may 15th.

    This Christmas slot was open since sallu has already taken eid and diwali weekends and Tamasha and Bajirao were coming during christmas. SRK got into action as per the unwritten pact and hurriedly delayed everything to come to release this Christmas itself where this movie was a next diwali movie.

    So Khan will remain tops until atleast 2016 Dec and after that market will dictate further announcements.

    Well I don’t blame them because its the pansy newer crowd who do not have guts to confront them and release a movie against them.

    SRK/ Salman / Aamir became what they are because they are a gutsy lot. !! Ranbir should have had guts to not move BV from Christmas 2014 and tested his stardom but he is busy nailing Kat so he has better things to do !!

    • MGT 7 years ago

      The only good part is Rohit Shetty who I have started to like tremendously. He is no Farah ‘nonsense’ Khan and will give us a good entertaining movie at the very least. Though his comedy is low brow but still he maintains basic ethics and is mostly plot driven and not a bunch of gags.

      Golmal 3 is one of the best comedies for me and I can watch it at anytime and from at any place, similar to Hangaama of Priyadarshan another amazing movie of this genre. Though I did not like Bol Bachchan and Chennai Express when they released but now whenever they run on cable, i sort of enjoy them. Singham 1 and 2 are my absolute fav actioners after Wanted. So even if it is done hurriedly I am 100pct sure Rohit will make a fantastic movie and keep SRK in check. Plus this is a mutlstarrer and has my current fav Varun who is developing into a mini Govinda for me. and the icing on the cake is Kriti Sanon and she is one hottie of Delhi I date off and on and off in my dreams. I am happy srk/ rohit are favoring a delhite and giving outsider a chance.

      I love this team and would love to see how Rohit presents kajol here and outside kjo kind of movie. All in all I look forward to this movie ! Min 200cr and may be a 300 cr movie if made well and has repeat value.

  7. MGT 7 years ago

    I think we need Baba to have a very unbiased commenting here. Well I do believe Baba went overboard with few comments but it might have been on purpose to act as vigilante.

    I have mostly found him to be very fair with his comments and I don’t know if he is banned but please allow his commenting and let him self censor himself.

    • Parinda 7 years ago

      from sputnik’s comment it is clear that baba enjoyed all the rights of admin too. Dear @MGT do you agree with baba’s accusation of sputnik being communal or bias ? if anybody likes khans as actor or star then are they communal ? in that way in india any filmgoers more than 70% will be communal πŸ™‚ height of absurdness πŸ™‚

      I think everybody know that one can hate any actor but should not hate his fans which are commentators of blog too. once milind failed to understand this now really sad to see baba in that list πŸ™

      if ritz likes amir khan he is no less than baba. if baba like non khan actor than he is also no less than ritz. why to condemn or fight with each other ? even sputnik never asked baba to leave blog. did he ? i think if he comes back sputnik may welcome him with open hands.

      I really want to congratulate sputnik for matured way handling this issue. πŸ™‚

      • sputnik 7 years ago


        Thanks. If you have read my comments in the past you will know that I bash or defend all actors or their movies from time to time depending on the movie.

        Baba was not an admin here. He was an admin on the TQ Facebook page. Long time back I had made him and Milind admin there. He occasionally changed the cover picture.

        I had neither banned him here nor did I ask him to leave. I just tried to explain him that overdoing anything can be annoying. He left and tried to delete the facebook page which was completely wrong thing to do. That’s why I took away his posting rights and have put his comments for moderation. He has not commented but if he does his comments won’t show up until I approve.

        The downside of this is that any comment which mentions his name will also go into moderation.

  8. rajesh 7 years ago

    The truth is, this site is a place where previous NG members can interact who are really interested in healthy debate over any issue. This could never achieve the kind of participation which NG used to have, but, than, perhaps, it will live longer.
    Though, Sputnik is SRK fan, I didn’t find him biased, so, hats off to his moderation.
    But, here I also agree that due to various reasons, I was also not commenting much though I visit this site almost regularly.

    • sputnik 7 years ago

      Thanks rajesh.

      Many NG members did not want to comment here because they thought it would mean being disloyal to NG. Many of them are now active on FB and Whatsapp groups.

      A lot of members have not been active here. Some of them usually turn up during a big release.

  9. MGT 7 years ago

    Whatever people may say about box-office desperation of srk or salman, the truth is none of the new actors have it in them to attract audience for such big ticket movie.

    Each weekend I make plans to go and check out some movie and develop cold feet and change my plans considering tv/ cable a better option than watching these incompetent idiots act on screen and copy some hollywood stuff. No individuality to develop any kind of affinity towards them.

    This is the reason a major part of audience is waiting for an old srk , salman , aamir , ajay and akki.

    Actually Akki is the fittest of all and looks the best and would have been tops but due to his greed did a lot of nonsense movies and lost the traditional audience he had developed with welcome / houseful. Wish he had done holiday / special 26 / baby few years back and his stock would have been as strong as 500cr aamir khan.

    • MGT 7 years ago

      Just hope Rohit’s movie connects at some levels and is cohesive in story telling and the box-office may go through the roof. If farah made even a half decent HNYe that 40 cr movie earned on day 1 would have been multiplied for at least 4 to 5 days and 300 cr was a given.

      Same with Salman who keeps making non cohesive masala. Can you imagine even a farcical but a well knit movie like No Entry can do in today’s market ! I would say an easy peasy 250cr!

      Now as we know some of the background of bajrangi bhaijaan I am not very hopeful for a great movie unless songs and situations are phaadu.

      Aming the next big one , I think akki’s Gabbar has a good shot of doing 200cr and then dil dhakne do may again do well to earn 150 cr or so.

      Bombay Velvet can go either way and may tank big time if it is a love story but may do very well if it is action and gangster based.

  10. KK 6 years ago

    Typical post of an SRK hater talking without facts. SRK said Raees was always suppose to release in 2016 (as excel already has 3 films this year) so it isn’t postponed. Box office desperation would be if he walked out of Raees for Dilwale. And don’t forget he’s also got another content oriented film, FAN, that could release before Dilwale. Fan followed by Dilwale and Raees is a good line up and balance of box office and content. Not like other actors continuously doing masala film after masala film.

    Raees is also releasing on a holiday period (Eid) like Dilwale so even if Raees were to come on xmas and Dilwale on Eid, Dilwale would still break records – so what difference does it make?

    • KK 6 years ago

      It’s funny how you talk about Akshay signing S26, airlift, baby etc (which is good) and Hrithik Mohenjo Daro but ignore SRK’s also doing fan and raees and also had MNIK and Don 2.

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