Star ‘Tweets’ after watching ‘Himmatwala’

This friday Ajay devgn’s (is it devgan, devgun or devgn??) ‘Himmatwala’ has opened to empty houses. The Star director Sajid Khan who said that he will refund audience money if they didn’t enjoy the film is busy doing So. The director also said that people will not get tickets for the first three days and this is what it is happening. Audience are not ‘getting’ the tickets for them.

Some of our Bollywood Stars who watched ‘Himmatwala’ took to their Twitter account to express there views on the movie. Following are their Tweets

@kamaalRKhan #Himmatwala was pain in my ass. 2*. 1 each for both sides of tammanah’s ass.

@sunnyleone #Himmatwala k sar pe Maa Sherawali ka haath hai par iske niche kiska hath hai??

@akshaykumar #Akkians please go and watch #Himmatwala. Make sure that the record of joker is safe.

@duttsanjay Me apne zulm kabool karta hu. Ye 10th degree k torture se acha mujhe fansi de do.

@TheFarahKhan Please dont come to my house asking for refund. Sajid is not my brother anymore

@aamir_khan They are cheating the audience. Trailor me bola iska sar pe maa Sherawali ka haath hai But i never saw any hands on ajay’s head. I will file a PIL against producers and show this issue in SMJ2

@BeingSalmanKhan Ae you, ha tu, ha sherawali tu, Put your hands down!

@iamsrk Hi.. Hi.. Hi.. Hi…. Hehehehehe!! 😛

Himmatwala looks like a Disaster from early reactions but one person who has gained a lot of ‘Goodwill’ from this movie is ‘Shotgun jr’ Sonakshi Sinha. Tweeples were found thanking her whole heartedly for Covering the 70mm screen with her forehead for 5 minutes.

While Sajid Khan is busy refunding people, Ajay devgn has locked Himself into a ‘Dark’ room so that people cannot find him. Both remained unavailable for comments.

  1. Syed imran 10 years ago

    Good one yaar… Vry tru to the core!!!! Best tweets ever!!!

  2. sputnik 10 years ago

    Some good ones. Liked the Sanjay, Aamir and Salman ones the most.

  3. Author
    Reddemon 10 years ago

    Thanx Syed Imran and Sputnik 🙂

  4. Alia Bhatt fan 10 years ago

    good one ” Ajay devgn has locked Himself into a ‘Dark’ room so that people cannot find him” 😀

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