Sujoy Ghosh’s Epic Thriller Ahalya

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    sputnik 6 years ago

    Good one. Thanks @Saurabh for the video.

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    FS 6 years ago

    Very good movie, intimidating & engrossing.

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    Ritz 6 years ago

    Creepy, predictable and self-indulgent.

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      sputnik 6 years ago

      You thought its self indulgent? I thought its a good modern day adaptation of the story of Ahalya.

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        Ritz 6 years ago

        Well I know the story of Ahalya and thats just the gimmick here.

        Even if we assume this is take on Ahalya – it does not do justice to the story of Ahalya. I am not talking only about changing the end twist – but the whole premise. Ahalya and her Hubby does not con Indra but as per the fable/mythical story – it was Indra who did the con act. I said self-indulgent because it seemed to pretentious from the direction as if its telling an intelligent story but looked so naive and predictable.

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          sputnik 6 years ago

          Yeah I read the Ahalya story but there are different versions with Ahalya being innocent in some and being complicit in others.

          This is a subversion of the original story in that the husband and wife are the ones who con the guys who fall for the wife. In the original, Ahalya is the one who gets cursed into being a stone but here it is the guys who are turned into dolls.

          One suspects that the husband and wife will be involved in the disappearance so its predictable on that front. I did not expect it to have any supernatural element when I started watching it. Its a low budget short film so there isn’t anything great about the direction.

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            Ritz 6 years ago

            I did not know of subversions of the story.
            Anyways. In that case its good .

            Thanks for the inputs.

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    shan 6 years ago

    Very well made. Nice twist to the Ahilya story. Good emoting by all actors. The minimalist nature of filmmaking adds to the effect.

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    yakuza 6 years ago

    Comment from youtube :

    In the Ramayana, when Indra comes to Ahalya dressed as his husband and makes love to her, Ahalya, even being innocent was punished by her husband, Rishi Gautam for infedility and was turned into stone.
    And here, Radhika Apte in the role of Ahalya tried to take revenge from any man who tries to take advantage of her by turning them into stone. The main catch is, had if Inspector Indra not went back to take advantage of Ahalya,deceived as her husband, he would have been saved and not turned into stone. So every man who falls in the trap turns into stone.

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    aryan 6 years ago

    Teenkahon Theatrical Trailer featuring Imtiaz Ali

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