Sanket’s Review: “Kya Super Kool hai Hum” though shatters all heights of being vulgar, it surely entertains!

Cast: Ritesh Deshmukh, Neha Sharma, Anupam Kher, Tushar Kapoor, Sarah Jane Dias, Chunkey Pandey, Kavin Dave

Director: Sachin Yardi

Length: 2.20 hours approximately

What could one expect from KYA SUPER KOOL HAI HUM, when it’s a sequel to a film that’s sex comedy! This sequel is fitting extension of its prequel. Unlike that film, this film has zero kind of story, and yet if it reveals a laugh out of you, trust me, its just the adulterated humor that has worked big time for this film. Comedy is a very serious trade here, but choosing a way of delivering a comedy film is bizarrely different. Yes we had a DELHI BELLY doing all vulgarity in those 100 minutes span, but it had a smart screenplay and script to back its vulgarity, making it excellent entertainer. KYA SUPER KOOL HAI HUM has one department of DELHI BELLY- vulgarity, but miserably lacks the second one- any sort of story.

The adult humor is so sharp and so over the top that it shocks you as well bring the house down. Don’t be surprised if you witness a seat broken in theater. Yes that kind of jokes one will enjoy in this over long film. The first 30-40 minutes speeds so fast that you don’t have a single second to give rest to your mouth, except for that melodious song “Dil Garden Garden” which lands up in between maintaining the momentum rightly. Yes, the pace dips because between two one joke to another one, there’s nothing in the film which interests and that is because of lack of any sort of story. But in anyways, the two songs and some hilarious comic scenes make it up for very good first half. The Chunkey Pandey track is enormously pedestrian and pointless and it brings down the speed at times.

Unlike many films, KYA SUPER KOOL HAI HUM remains stable post-intermission, mostly because it has no story which will slow down or will eat up the pace. At one point, you feel exhausted with the kind of force of jokes the film throws at you. No matter if it makes sense in this film or not, but if its funny just add it. To be honest, jokes definitely brings ache in your stomach at times. Though in pre-climax scenes, the things goes bit slow. Just when you feel that the film is falling into emotional set-up, the director thankfully shifts on to a hilarious climax.

The songs are really good! All three songs are thrown needlessly in the narration, but they are very deliciously choreographed and thus they enhance the value. Cinematography is very good and captures some beautiful locales. Dialogues are witty and has maximum amount of adulteration. Sachin Yardi’s direction is alright.

Ritesh Deshmukh remains the best of lot. His comic timing is just takes you away. Tushar Kapoor sets good chemistry with Deshmukh, though at times he remains bit awkward, and his dance in one of the song is unintentionally hilarious. He needs to work there for sure! Neha Sharman and Sara Jane Dias gets ample scope in the film. In-fact, both has decent screen presence and besides that both wears revealing clothes which make them look sheer gorgeous! Anupam Kher and Kavin Dave are good. Chunkey Pandey fails miserably!

Agreed that this film shatters all heights of being vulgar, but it entertains and how! The jokes are genuinely good and some are hilarious to an unimaginable extent. Also it has some good performances and very good songs. Overall, it’s a “paisa vasool” film all the way!


Rating- 3/5 (Good)


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