Raghupati Raghav Song – Satyagraha

  1. Rafsan Cr 9 years ago

    kuch kuch hota haiยดs raghupati ragav version was better ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Fever Baba 9 years ago

    wtf. this song deconstructs all gandian philosophies while borrowing his song ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. aryan 9 years ago

    Good Music didn’t like visuals.

  4. sauravjha 9 years ago

    Good lyrics nice tune.

  5. Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago


    Ajay lacks the credibility and conviction of what Aamir can do in such a role.

  6. Bored 9 years ago

    Bad mouthing everyone from ajay in satyagraha to srk in chennai express to XYZ in ABC is not going to increase D3’s gross.
    Aamir attempting an action thriller franchise with high expectation seems to be stressing out his fragile fans …

  7. Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

    Bored seems to be talking from a lot of preconceived notions he has

    I spoke for Ajay’s role in Satyagrah vi-a-vis aamir in in similar RDB intensity (emotional intensity).

    CE may be biggest grosser of the year or Besharam or anything else. Aamir is already past his expiry date so anything coming as records from him is a bonus/surprise !

    So Mr. Bored – dont get hyper and conclude that all are like me and give a conclusive statement.


  8. Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

    Maybe Mr Bored missed by comments supporting CE – and I believe I he has not seen my views on it.


  9. Bored 9 years ago

    Its quite evident who is the hyper one here from the comments made … no need to thank me.
    This song is quite nice, and whats the point in dismissing Ajay’s work here without watching it with respect to the movie?
    Why not wait to watch the films before dismissing everyone and anyone.

  10. Fenil Seta 9 years ago

    too good

  11. ank_16n 9 years ago

    “I spoke for Ajayโ€™s role in Satyagrah vi-a-vis aamir in in similar RDB intensity (emotional intensity).”

    sorry to interrupt but if Aamir khan’s role in RDB was intense and emotional then 3 Idiots was the best Action film in Bollywood..!! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago


    I agree with you. And Joker was best sci-fi movie ever made.

    • ank_16n 9 years ago

      if what u said about Aamir’s character in RDB is correct then Joker is surely best Sci-fi movie. ๐Ÿ˜€

      see i liked RDB very much byut Aamir’s character was comical one not intense or emotional….even in climax scene his character was cracking Jokes..!!

  13. ank_16n 9 years ago

    liked the song….good composition..!!

  14. Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

    “if what u said about Aamirโ€™s character in RDB is correct then Joker is surely best Sci-fi movie.”

    Haha … good one ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Aditya007 9 years ago

    Decent Lyrics with Bad Editing ๐Ÿ™

  16. aryan 9 years ago

    Satyagraha Full Songs Jukebox

  17. mate 9 years ago

    Strictly Average Album. But Raske Bhare Tore naina is awesome mindblowing, sheer magic of Shafqat Amanat Ali. Such a perfection and control over sur and voice, arguably the best song of this year interms of music and arrangement and inarguably the best interms of vocals.
    The other version sung by Aadesh is a bad remix of a brilliant song.

  18. saurabh 9 years ago

    @anjanpur658 I think u should comment on ajay after watching movie, ajay can do emotional roles much better than aamir, he got 2 national too
    nd about aamir expiry date, I didn’t get ur point

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