Khiladi Bhaiyya Song – Khiladi 786

  1. Aditya007 9 years ago

    Superb presentation & Introduction for Khiladi BhaiyYa!! “

    ”Aar lagayenge …paar lagayenge ..sabki dubati Naiyya…Khiladi
    bhaiyya khiladi.”….!!!

    • Author
      aryan 9 years ago

      Good song but very similar to Salman Khan’s Udd Udd Dabangg song just see the below video.

  2. Baba Ji 9 years ago

    There was a time when akshay used to do action thrillers in the age of khan-romance and used to get hits. now he has become just a clone.

  3. Aditya007 9 years ago

    @Baba Ji
    There wasn’t any time but Yes at this stage even Actors knew that what audience want[test] ,so thats why he is doing Masala movies & even he’ll change gener with S26 & OUTIAM2 .

  4. sauravjha 9 years ago

    video is good but singer’s voice sounds lame on akshay reason y i say it cos it needed to be damdaar as chorus was presenting it in dat way but cudnt gv that impact cos of main singer for ex as sung by sukhwinder for salman. It created an aura arnd d character of chulbul pandey but m afraid it hasnt happnd here..

    • Ritz 9 years ago

      Agree that voice does not suit Akshay – but I liked the first antara in this, singer has sung it well too. The choreography is stupid, also read the plot somewhere – all this khichdi with 71singh 72singh etc makes it look like another OTT comedy/action.
      Havent heard other songs but liked Balma very much and liked this also.

  5. Baba Ji 9 years ago

    heard the full is not bad but it is ruined by the soft voiceover of vinit and lyrics are should have been sung by udit narayan.

    “mil jayegi mil jayegi “soni kudi tenu mil jaayegi”
    this is the most ridiculous lyrics they could write

  6. sauravjha 9 years ago

    One good thing abt this song is that Himesh is still giving work to Vinit as he had promised in sare ga ma few yrs ago. That’s very generous on Himesh’s part in an industry whr ppl commit and forget. Wish Vinit all the best.

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