Tera Rastaa Chhodoon Na Song – Chennai Express

  1. cr7 10 years ago

    good one.

  2. Author
    aryan 10 years ago

    Lovely Song I liked it and good expressions by SRK.

  3. mate 10 years ago

    Nice video, there can be a better choice for the singer. May be Mohit or Shafqat can sing it much better especially the latter.

  4. FS 10 years ago

    Excellent song… Srk had surgery on right hand shoulder? He was hardly using his right hand in the song. Liked tge film part but disliked the studio shots.

  5. Ranjit Kumar 10 years ago

    yaar srk ki thobra ne saare gaane ki maaza hi kirkira kar diya…yuck

  6. sauravjha 10 years ago

    Liked it! Best picturised song of the album IMO also got reminded of “tumhi dekho na” from KANK. Visuals sort of elevated the song more. Seems like both SRK and Rohit are trying to use each other’s best in CE, romance of former and action of later lets see how this masala works 🙂 Looking good so far!

  7. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    Way way below than Rohit Shetty’s Singham in choreography and cinematography.

    Badmaash Dil from singham was way more natural.

    And choreography and ambiance was decent in Maula Maula

    Here they are using same slow motion effect / relaxed pace in filming but is ruined by 4 things as compared to Singham
    1) Music
    2) CE song computer graphics for trees/falling leaves instead of real sets (when even sets of Rohit Shetty are kiddish) – looks like it is finished in hurry. It looks so amateurish.
    3) The jeep standing there in whole song shouts out loud “this is Rohit Shetty”..which goes against the mood of the song IMO.

    ps: Sputnik, sorry to bother u but pls embed above links as usual 😛 Will login from next month…too lazy to do it now.

  8. SYED IMRAN 10 years ago

    the charm of srk wrks here..!!

  9. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    Yes Syed Imran – Charm of SRK with goggles on,

    cause without it he looks so baaah.

  10. Bored 10 years ago

    This song is also quite nice and SRK’s act here is exactly what his base wants and expects.
    One of the better promos of this movie.

  11. sputnik 10 years ago

    Liked the song. Picturization is decent. The studio shots remind of Teri Meri song from Bodyguard. The tree vfx part looks fake and and also reminds of a scene from Ra.One

  12. Suprabh 10 years ago

    Srk looks really old..Was reading comments of fanwars saying..Srk looks like Deepika’s Dad’s age…I do not disagree..He is looking very old here.

  13. Aditya007 10 years ago

    Decent Song but Seems SRK doing same stuff here !

  14. mate 10 years ago

    The front page of Today’s Daily Bhaskar.

  15. mate 10 years ago

    SRK’s entry at Ahmedabad.

  16. mate 10 years ago

    SRK in Kolkata.

    • sauravjha 10 years ago

      Awesome pics! Goodwill of 20 years can’t be overshadowed by 2-3 years of negativity. We all go through our ups and downs personally and professionally important thing is to not forget what kept u going for those 20 years and SRK seems to be doing just that. Feel happy for him. Hope CE marks a new beginning for him !

      • phoenix 10 years ago

        Not all people turning up to watch a star perform, will end up watching a movie. Popularity has never been an issue for SRK. Converting it into BO matters, I suppose.

  17. mate 10 years ago

    1.5 lakh fans hitch a ride on SRK Express at City Centre New Town

    Don’t underestimate the power of the common man. If there was one line that hit home the hardest on Saturday evening, it was this dialogue from Chennai Express.
    The common man — close to 150,000 of them— turned up to see their king, Shah Rukh Khan, in action at ‘Get on the Express’ presented by Emami Fair and Handsome and Osaa, in association with t2, at City Centre New Town.
    Around 7.20pm, SRK Express hit the stage to a massive crowd that spilled far into the streets outside the mall. And with these magic words — “I love you K-K-K…Kolkata” — wrapped a spell around his “favourite city” once again. Dressed dapper in jeans, a waistcoat, signature shades and hair tied in a tiny ponytail, SRK made all his signature moves. The Badshah pose — one foot on the ledge with his elbow resting on it — kisses to the crowd, the gentle salute with his fingertips… Then came the filmi dialogues, each one drawing a roar that outdid the previous, from Devdas to Don to Chennai Express.
    Enter, SRK the singer with Tujhe dekha toh yeh… Tum pass aaye… and finally, the hat-trick with Honey Singh’s Lungi dance song, where he threw on a beige hat and danced along. But before you knew it, it was 8pm and the journey with SRK Express came to a halt. He took a final bow and vanished but surprise, surprise, returned two minutes later! Up he went on the ledge, a la Eden Gardens. He waved, reaching out to his fans, absorbing what he called the “warmth” of Calcutta. If you looked closely, there were beads of sweat dripping down the sides of his forehead but a shine in his eyes.
    And before you could count 1,2,3,4 (get on the dance floor), he was gone. Almost on cue, someone screamed loud enough for everyone to hear, “1,2,3,4. We want more.” Yes!
    Want my ponytail?

    “Is there anything you want to ask me? Is there anything you’d like me to do? Write it on paper so I can read it,” said Shah Rukh to the crowd. (Lip-reading one fan in the crowd) “You want to know what is my hairstyle? This is my hairstyle! Oh, you want my hairstyle? Grow your hair and tell your sister to tie it in a ponytail. Sisters tie the best ponytails!” he exclaimed, while the crowd burst into laughter.
    • Let me tell you, I am going to go all over India but I can assure you right now that this kind of love, this kind of crowd, this kind of happiness I would get nowhere else.
    • To be really honest, I used the excuse of my film Chennai Express to come see my city Kolkata. On behalf of my children, my whole family, thank you for making me a star.
    • I’m sorry I cannot come and be with all of you (in the crowd), especially you in the yellow shirt, yeah!
    • I won’t talk about the film. I have just come here to share love. I have come here not for you, but for me because I feel happy coming here.
    • At heart we are common people and we have to remember that don’t underestimate the power of a common man.
    • I have a big problem with Kolkata as boys want to shake their booty with me!
    • Because we are in Bengal should we do a dialogue from Devdas first?
    • All you boys and girls waiting since 2pm, anek dhonnobad.
    I screamed, jumped, danced and shouted my lungs out when I received the autographed Chennai Express hat from Shah Rukh. I ran past the security, took his hand and asked him if I looked like Suhana (SRK’s daughter). He pinched my cheeks and said ‘yes’! The three-hour wait was so worth it!
    Pratyasha Sarkar, Class VII, Modern High School for Girls
    I was one of the dancers at the IPL opening ceremony at Eden. But I couldn’t see him from up close then, so I could not miss the chance this time! I have been practising at home so that if Shah Rukh called me on stage I could perform to 1,2,3,4 with him.
    Sindhusree Bose, third year, BP Poddar Institute of Management and Technology
    Shah Rukh Khan has been the biggest inspiration of my life. Unlike other actors, he has struggled to get to this position. It is his dedication and hard work that made him King Khan. This is the reason I look up to him as a god. It was a wonderful experience for me.
    Anurag Roy, third year, CIEM

    With help from 91.9 Friend’s FM RJs Neel and Nilanjana, SRK spoke a little Bengali too. “Kolkata, ekhane eshe darun lagchhey!” he announced, followed by “Aami tomare khub bhalobashi” and “Anek dhonnobad”. That’s what we would like to tell you, Shah Rukh!


  18. mate 10 years ago

    Ormax Cinematix Movie Of The Week for Jul 22-26 is Chennai Express. The film is set to be the biggest opener of 2013 by a safe margin.

  19. mate 10 years ago


  20. sauravjha 10 years ago
  21. mate 10 years ago

    Weekend Poll results: Most awaited Aug release – Chennai Express 64%, OUATIMD 30%, Others 6%

  22. ank_16n 10 years ago

    so CE is superHit on utube and Twitter just like JTHJ was..!! 🙂

    • phoenix 10 years ago

      I personally liked the Don 2 promo more than the film itself.

      • ank_16n 10 years ago

        i liked Don2….yes i confess it..specially the 2nd half!! 😛

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