Tayyab Ali Song – Once upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobara

  1. Baba 8 years ago

    why would you need such songs in a gangster film?

  2. ank_16n 8 years ago

    Average song…..expected more from it…….

    1st song was Awesome so compared to that its no way near…!!

    Problem is not with song Song is decent but problem is Video is not upto the mark..!!

    Rest next song will tell..!! 😛

  3. ank_16n 8 years ago

    Waise OUATIMD is having 3 qawwali nights in Mumbai, Lucknow and Delhi to Promote OUATIMD..!!

  4. Bored 8 years ago

    @Baba – Can u come online in gtalk?

  5. Aditya007 8 years ago

    Superb Song with great CatchY lyrics ,JavedAli done great Job and I’m sure It’ll Rocked the Charts , and its way better then OUATIM’s hit song “Parda”.

  6. ank_16n 8 years ago

    This is the video of the Qawwali song launch —-

    Tayyab Ali Qawali Night – Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobara

    • Author
      sputnik 8 years ago

      That video link is not working – saying the video is private.

      • ank_16n 8 years ago

        actually it was a live streaming and has finished and Balaji seems to have removed it after ending of Streaming..!!

        ok then remove the link and delete the comment below that’s requesting Embedded version of video as don’t want unnecessary comments..!! 🙂

  7. sunil 8 years ago

    This song is very good.ouatimd is going to take a masisve opening.

  8. mate 8 years ago

    One word to describe this song n video… TORTURE.
    Lagta hai bhanja saheb ne decide kar liya hai k audience ko tadpa tadpa kar marna hai. Bhanje, Tujhe khuda ka aur bhagwan ka wasta hai jaan chhod de acting ki, ja ja kar apne mamoo ki godd main ja kar beth ja aur dono mamoo-bhanja aapas main acting acting khelo, screen par acting karna tumhare bus ki baat nahi.

  9. ank_16n 8 years ago

    @Mate is it worse than 1234 on the dence floor..???



  10. Syed imran 8 years ago

    Made a mess of the original… Looks more of a spoof than a remake… Imran is expressionless nd sonakshi in same behanji avtaar…was hoping atleast this song to b good… Now i fully doubt a massive opening fr ouatimd… Ekta kapoor strategy fr sumthng different doesnt seem to work this tym…

  11. Bored 8 years ago

    Is this a gangster movie? Really???

  12. Aditya007 8 years ago

    Yaar Who says Its an Gangester film? Milin Luthria already decleared things in trailer ‘this time its personal’ ,Even he has said things an interview recently . Btw who has some doubt on Its opening and Content then , For Your Kind of Info ; Its an Triangler LoveStorY based on Underworld ,which’ll attract youth and families ,as we’re seeing result of some Recent Love stories .

  13. TheSpecial_Khiladi 8 years ago

    why u guys are Comparing it with AAA . I too did the Same in 1st Go and Song was Average but After Giving it a Repeat 2 to 3 times i Realised its not that Bad Either.I Enjoyed it after that.

    .Its a Good Though by Milan.Its a Situational Song made to keep Audience in a Light Mood and have Some Laugh so that the High Level Intensity of the Movie gets Mellowed down for Few Reels.

    For the 1st time in his Carrer Imran has came Out of his Comfort Zone nd he did a Ok job acc to his Standards nd Comparing him to Rishiji Would be a Stupidity.

    Its a Fully Situational Song which will Draw Laughs frm d Audience cuz of its Funny Picturisation nd Characterisation of Tayaab nd Nuances of Aslam

  14. TheSpecial_Khiladi 8 years ago

    OuatimD is a Desi film set in 80s.Those who are Expecting Heroines to wear a Bikini are Mistaken n This is not the Right film for You.

    Milan has Completely Dressed its Actors acc to d 80s nd d Situation based in the film nd i m not Compairing but if u Recollect was Neetuji Wearing A Dashing Attire or a Simple Salwar kameez in Tayaab Ali Song.

    Its not a Remake ,Rather Milan has Changed d Lyrics ,Picturisation Everything,only Tayaab ,Chorus nd Feel n Mood of d Song is Retained.Thats why they said Its Tayaab Ali Dobara to make Audience know that Its a OuatimD Flavour Added to Tayaab Ali

  15. Kunaal Kohli 8 years ago

    didn’t like song much, but I’m extremely happy that akshay is not there. Thanks God. For Imran, he is looking handsome and sonakshi is hot as always.

  16. FS 8 years ago


  17. Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago

    Singer has sung it good – better than what I had expected.

  18. Bored 8 years ago

    Always liked the ‘bhatija’, but man he is so miscast here!

  19. shan 8 years ago

    Poor stuff. From the promos so far, OUATIMD (whatever that means!) is looking like a movie that will end up being neither intense nor fun, just flat.

  20. Bored 8 years ago

    Akshay wud be looking at another Rowdy Rathore here i guess …

  21. ank_16n 8 years ago


    here is the OUATIMD 2 Trailer post it..!!

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