Rabbit-Proof Fence Review by Sputnik

During Australia’s aboriginal integration program, three girls who were torn from their families and placed in an abusive orphanage vow to get home.

This is the third time I watched this movie. Had watched it back in early 2000’s and again in 2014. Revisit the movie after 6 years and still love it.

Its an excellent movie based on the true story of three Aboriginal girls who ran away from the Moore River Native Settlement to return to their Aboriginal families after having been placed there in 1931. The Aboriginal girls walked for nine weeks along 1,500 miles (2,400 km) of the Australian rabbit-proof fence to return to their community at Jigalong.

The movie shows the horrible manner in which the Australian govt used to take away Half-castes (children who had one white and one Aboriginal parent) from their mothers and place them in camps so that they can marry white people so that the Aboriginal “blood” will diminish.

The movie ends with the footage of the real girls Molly and Daisy who are old now. Molly says that she married and had two daughters and they were taken to Moore River again and that she managed to escape with one daughter Annabelle and once again she walked the length of the fence back home. However when Annabelle was 3 years old, she was taken away once more and Molly never saw her again.

Everlyn Sampi was excellent as the eldest girl Molly. Tianna Sansbury looked cute as the youngest girl Daisy. Laura Monaghan was good as Gracie. David Gulpilil was good as the tracker. Kenneth Branagh was very good as the the “protector” of Western Australian Aborigines Neville.

Highly Recommended

P.S. This was originally a comment I made in May 2014.


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