Short Kut – The Con is On Movie Review by Sputnik

Director: Neeraj Vohra
Cast: Akshay Khanna, Arshad Warsi, Amrita Rao, Chunkey Pandey

Short Kut – The Con is On is copied from the Malayalam movie Udayananu Thaaram which itself was copied from the movies Bowfinger and Big Fat Liar and ironically the movie is about plagiarism. Raju (Arshad Warsi), a bad actor makes it big as a superstar after stealing a script from Shekhar (Akshaye Khanna), a struggling assistant director who becomes depressed after this. He gets married to actress Mansi (Amrita Arora) but they get separated because of his ego problems. He finally gets a chance to direct but has to work with Raju who only wants to stall the movie.

The movie is a big torture and has so many characters that one feels claustrophobic while watching the movie. Even the few funny scenes from the previews do not look funny in the movie. The previews advertised it as some comic movie and instead the movie is filled with rona dhona and looks like the makers were trying to con the audience. The movie has all the clichés – the actress’s family who are just interested in her money, the actress who is in love with this poor struggler (they even meet in parks), the ego problems between the husband and the wife ala Abhimaan, the chawl filled with poor people ala Nukkad who are always happy and making fun of each other and ready to contribute lots of money.

The movie is filled with horrible performances and looks like every actor is competing to be the worst. Akshay Khanna makes this facial contortions which he thinks is great acting but actually looks like he is constipated. On top of that he is screaming and yelling in most of the movie. Arshad Warsi is supposed to be playing a bad actor but his acting is horrible even when he is not shooting in the movie. This is his worst performance and one cannot believe that this is the same actor who played Circuit in the Munnabhai series. Amrita Rao who had given a good performance as a village belle in Welcome to Sajjanpur tries hard to look glamorous but cannot and her acting is horrible. Chunky Pandey and the rest of the cast all give annoying performances.

The cinematography is ok. The background music is ridiculous and the songs are all horrible except for the title song. The dialogues are silly and not even funny. It’s all juvenile humor making jokes about buck teeth.

Neeraj Vora’s direction is horrible and his idea of humor is over the top acting with silly dialogues and silly comedy. He first needs to understand what good acting is before he embarks on another project. The movie could have been very funny because it had some semblance of a plot but is marred by horrible dialogues, performances and direction. It is the worst movie of the year so far. The climax is so ridiculous that at the end you start feeling restless and just waiting for the movie to end.

Rating: 0 / 5 (Worse)


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