Imran Khan beefs up for Once Upon… sequel

Imran Khan beefs up for Once Upon... sequelImran Khan is all set to graduate from being a chocolate hero to a gritty gangster in director Milan Luthria’s sequel to Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai. What’s more, Luthria has asked the actor to gain at least five kg to effectively portray his role.

In Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai 2, Imran plays Aslam, a street fighter with a heart of gold. Apart from the fact that this will be Imran’s first such role, Luthria is keen he puts on weight and looks suitably beefed-up for the part.

Confirming the news, Luthria said, “I am always excited by unusual casting and this is very unlike anything Imran has played before. It is unexpected for audiences. It’s a character with a mass appeal with great one-liners, in keeping with the first part of the franchise. I sense Imran is an extremely committed actor, and am sure he will go the distance to achieve the look I have in mind, which requires a strict dietary regimen and extended endurance training among others. I am awaiting Imran’s return from Chandigarh to discuss this at length with him. Meanwhile we’ve been in touch over the phone and email.”

Explained Luthria, “The whole idea is Imran is excited about a genre he hasn’t done yet. I feel I can give his character an edge so he is shockingly different and makes everyone sit up and take notice. While he is immensely popular with girls, I believe in an action film, the actor must look his best physically.”

So how does Imran plan on piling on the pounds? Luthria explains it is all about eating right and eating as per goals. Depending on the body type, every person needs either more protein or more carbohydrates. A team will be with Imran 24×7 to help Luthria project the actor in the way he wants to in the film.

Imran said excitedly, “This is a challenging role and Milan has been giving me a lot of reference points for the character, ranging from looks to performance. I’m thrilled to be a part of the franchise, and even more excited with the potential of this film. I will be starting my prep work as soon as I finish shooting Matru Ki Bijli Ka Mandola, as I want to make sure that I can achieve what Milan has in mind.”

With shooting for the sequel slated to begin in August, Imran has plenty of time to put on.



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