Hrithik Roshan moves Super 30 release to avoid trauma

Hrithik Roshan moves Super 30 release to avoid trauma. Here is his statement. “So as to not allow my film to be desecrated by yet another media circus, I have decided to shift the release date of my film ‘Super 30’ in order to save myself from the personal trauma and toxic mental violence this would cause. Despite the film being ready, I have requested my producers to shift and announce the next suitable date as soon as possible. Over the past few years, to my utter dismay, I have been witness to a lot of us cheering and encouraging what was/is an open and blatant case of harassment. I must even now, wait patiently and silently for the collective consciousness of society to take cognizance of such matters in order to maintain our faith in civility of our society. This unrelenting helplessness must end.”

Here is the link to his tweet.


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  1. Jitu 5 years ago

    Hrithik seems to have done the smart thing by not letting Kangana pit her movie against his movie and take potshots at him. The media would have shamelessly taken her side despite her being a proven liar.

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