Hero No. 1 Scene Copied from Mr. Bean

Yesterday was Rowan Atkinson’s birthday. So Check out Hero No. 1 Scene copied from Mr. Bean from the episode The Trouble with Mr Bean.

Mr. Bean is late for a dentist’s appointment and so he dresses on his way while driving.

And here is the scene from Hero No. 1 where Govinda is late to work and dresses on his way while driving.

  1. cr7 11 years ago

    One of my all time favorite television characters . He is a genius . I still watch Mr.bean sometime.Great time pass ,always brings laughter . Happy Birthday Rowan Atkinson.

    • Author
      sputnik 11 years ago

      Mr Bean used to come on Star World in the 90s and I didn’t really like it back then and I never really watched the show. But one day while channel surfing I watched this episode and liked that driving scene a lot. A few months later I watched Hero No 1 and found the scene copied in it.

      The second video from which the Dhamaal scene was copied is hilarious.

  2. cr7 11 years ago

    One of my favorite Mr.bean episodes.

  3. Tulmul Memender 11 years ago

    Govinda is ´THE´ Remote Stopper !!! Rare dying species

  4. cr7 11 years ago

    This scene was copied in dhamaal.

  5. Fenil Seta 11 years ago


  6. Reddemon 11 years ago

    Actually there are many scenes of Mr.bean which bollywood has copied over the years.

  7. Manish Kumar 11 years ago

    ahhh atkinson .. baap of comedy along with charlie chaplin and jim carey … they are just brilliant unmatched …

    • cr7 11 years ago

      Haven’t seen much of Chaplin . But agree on Jim Carrey . He is another genius.Sad to see him doing such unimportant roles now-a-days(Kick-ass 2)

      • Manish 11 years ago

        Yup thats sad part he did that in early part of his career too …

        But i Hope Dumb And Dumber too works well and he again start managing his career well

  8. FS 11 years ago

    Use to watch Mr. Beans show a lot. I still do whenever it comes.

  9. Author
    sputnik 11 years ago

    Have you guys watched Johnny English starring Rowan Atkinson? Its a spoof/parody of James Bond. Had watched it long time back and liked it back then.

  10. Author
    sputnik 9 years ago

    David Dhawan didn’t stand by me during my bad patch: Govinda

    If you’re a 90s child, chances are that you have watched and loved the heist comedies by the team of David Dhawan and Govinda. But times change and so do people.

    The duo, which has churned out entertainers like ‘Hero No 1′, ‘Coolie No 1′, ‘Raja Babu’, ‘Bade Miyaan Chhote Miyaan’ and ‘Partner’ among others, may not work together again. Govinda doesn’t intend to work again with the director as it seems their relationship has hit a rough patch.

    According to a report published in Times Of India, Govinda said, “No, I don’t want to work with David Dhawan as he didn’t stand by me during my bad patch. I feel when a person thinks that you are not capable of doing his film or working with him, then one should not ask for work, or work with that person if he thinks that you are a liability on him. I think the love between us, that has been there over the years, should remain the same. We should live a healthy life. Currently, he is a proud father and let him be happy. I have nothing to do with his films, nor do I want to discuss films with him.”

    Earlier in 2014 too, the duo had a fallout and Govinda released a statement against David Dhawan. The actor revealed that he had given Dhawan the idea to make Chashme Buddoor (2013) back in 2009. “Suddenly, I got to know that Rishi Kapoor is doing my role. I never get upset with David because we have worked in so many films that we are used to quarrelling. But this time, we had a fight. I was like, ‘You didn’t even tell me’. “I feel, this is how the film industry works. Personally, even if I can’t work with you because your time isn’t right, I’d still like to maintain a relationship with you,” said Govinda.


  11. MGT 9 years ago

    I feel sad at the outcome of events and it goes on to show there are no permanent friends and enemies in life.

    Same way don’t understand what the deal is between kjo – srk .

    If Govinda is disturbed due to chashme buddoor then he shouldn’t be as it was pretty ordinary movie and if he is cribbing about rishi kapoor’s character then he is doubly wrong as the role was inconsequential.

  12. MGT 9 years ago

    and then its not that David Dhawan was going great guns and he himself is in survival mode and has not done anything big for a while now.

    It all boils down to money and it is the root cause of 98% of world problems. I am leaving 2% for few innocent souls.

    Btw on the same note I have stopped my dislike for SRK a bit. He is more or less right on accumulating wealth. Money speaks louder than anything and good roles , goodwill etc will take you so far only. With the money situation and inflation the way it is imagine what those 10 lacs would be worth for Big B which he was getting at his peak.
    Money is a great equalizer.

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