Patakha Guddi Song – Highway

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    cr7 7 years ago

    Good one . Liked both the song and video .

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    sputnik 7 years ago

    Good song. Liked everything about it – the visuals, music by Rahman, lyrics by Irshad Kamil and the vocals by the Nooran Sisters.

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    narad_muni 7 years ago

    Nice song, good visuals.
    Alia Bhat is luking cute without makeup..n she is truly luking like a high school kid.

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    sputnik 7 years ago

    Patakha Guddi Full Song Audio

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    sputnik 7 years ago

    Patakha Guddi Song Lyrics and Translation

    Haan, Mitthe paan di galauri,
    Lathha suit da Lahori,
    Fatte maar di billori,
    Jugni mel mel ke, kood faand ke,
    Chauk chakaute jaayein..

    Just like sweet ‘paan’ (leaf) of betel,
    Wearing a long Lahori suit,
    With cat like gaze (full of inquisitiveness) roaming here and there,
    Jugni – leaping one place to another, meeting people,
    Enjoying the fascinating new world.
    (Jugni – often used in Punjabi folk, means innocent observer, here used as innocent-carefree-firefly like girl)

    Maula tera maali,
    O hariyaali jungle waali,
    Tu de har gaali pe taali,
    Uski kadam kadam rakhwaali,
    Ainweyi lok-laaj ki soch soch ke
    kyun hai aafat daali,

    God, is your gardner,
    oh queen of the jungles and greeneries,
    You give high five to any abuse coming your way,
    His (God’s) protection is at your every step,
    Worthless thinking of what the world will think,
    Why that tension should be on your mind?

    Tu le naam rab da, naam saai ka
    Ali Ali Ali Ali
    Just chant name of your God, your Lord,
    Ali Ali Ali Ali
    (Ali-was cousin of Prophet Mohammad)

    Sharf khuda ka, zarf khuda ka,

    Nobility of the God, Wisdom of the God,
    Ali Ali Ali Ali

    Ali ho, Ali ho, Chali aur chali, chali, chali oo,
    Ali Ali, teri gully, woh to chali, Ali Ali
    Teri gully, chali oo..

    Taking all that with me,
    Here she goes to the place of God.

    O Jugni oh, patakha guddi oh,
    Nashe mein udd jaaye re haaye re
    Sajje khabbe dhabbe killi ho,

    Oh Jugni, you firebrand girl,
    Intoxicated you are flying,
    All over the places around.

    Maine to tere tere, te chhaddiyan doriyaan,

    I have left everything on you (Oh Lord)
    (as in, as a kite or a puppet, I have left all strings of mine in your hands)

    Tu toh paak rab da baanka bachha
    Raj dulara tu hi,
    paak rab da baanka bachha
    Uska pyaara tu hi
    Maalik ne jo chinta di to, door karega woh hi

    You are fearless kid of holy God,
    His most favorite,
    Fearless kid of holy God,
    You are his lovely kid,
    If he,God, has given the tensions,
    Only he, will get them solved (so don’t worry).

    Naam Ali ka le ke tu toh, naach le gully gully
    Le naam Ali Ali, Ali ho, Ali ho,
    Tu le naam rab da, naam saai ka, Ali Ali Ali Ali

    Chanting name of Ali, just dance all around
    Just chant Ali Ali,
    Just chant name of your God, your Lord,
    Ali Ali Ali Ali

    Jugni rukh beparda hoi,
    Jis nu pooje ta har koi,
    Jisdi fasal kisi na boyi
    Ghar bhi rakh sake na koi..

    Throwing away all restrictions, bare faced,
    (still) everyone is worshipping her,
    No one has seeded this plant,
    and no one can keep her at home.

    Rasta naap rahi marjaani,
    Bhatti baarish da hai paani,
    Jab nazdeek jahaan de aani,
    Jugni maili si ho jaani..

    Going places, she-the darer,
    Water of the heavy rainfall,
    When she will come nearer to the actual world,
    She is going to get stained.

    Tu le naam rab da Ali Ali,
    Chal khalle rann chali,
    Naam rab da Ali Ali,
    Har darwaja Ali,

    Just chant the name of Lord, Ali Ali,
    Lets go to the barren land,
    name of Lord, Ali Ali,
    At each doorstep, Ali.

    Sai re… Sai Re..
    Oh my beloved Lord, Oh Lord.

    Maine to tere tere, te chhaddiyan doriyaan.
    I have left everything on you (Oh Lord).


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    Inderjeet Sukhon 7 years ago

    The best Punjabi song is here, watched by millions of users

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    sputnik 7 years ago

    Patakha Guddi AR Rahman version with music video. Pathetic compared to the female version. Rahman looks so stupid in the music video.

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    sputnik 7 years ago

    Patakha Guddi Highway Full Video Song

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