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Happy Ending Has Average Opening
Friday 21 November 2014 13.30 IST
Box Office India Trade Network

Happy Ending opened to an average response of around 30-35%. The opening was very similar to last week’s release Kill Dill with circuits like CP Berar and CI opening a little lower but big cities like Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore opening a bit better.

The film is a rom-com unlike Kill Dil which was an action fare so there should be better evening growth at metros than Kill Dil as action films tend to grow less in metros. If this growth comes it should have a slightly better first day than Kill Dil. The business in single screens is poor.

The other releases of the week like Titoo MBA, Money Back Guarantee are total non starters. In the North, Chaar Sahibzaade continues its extraordinary run the theatres showing it in Delhi and Punjab had better figures on third Friday than first day of Happy Ending. Another Punjabi film Happy Go Lucky released but opening was below the mark.


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    aryan 6 years ago

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    aryan 6 years ago

    Happy Ending Struggles At Mass Centres
    Friday 21 November 2014 17.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Happy Ending is struggling for a contribution from mass centres which may keep the first day number on the lower side. The collections in premium multiplexes of Mumbai, Delhi, Pune and Bangalore are fair but the problem is the multiplexes in other major cities be it Ahmedabad, Jaipur or Lucknow. It was also expected that the single screens would be poor but the multiplexes in the cities mentioned above should have done better.

    Kill Dill released last week collected around 35 lakhs net in CP Berar which was a low total and the way Happy Ending is going it looks tough for a 30 lakh nett total.

    East Punjab collections are hit by the extraordinary run of Chaar Sahibzaade and another Punjabi release so the the only other places with a high concentration of premium multiplexes are Mumbai city, Delhi city and Bangalore and the film is totally dependent on these places being good in the evening and further improvement tomorrow.


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    aryan 6 years ago

    Happy Ending First Day Business
    Friday 22 November 2014 11.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Happy Ending had a poor first day as it grossed 3.75-4 crore nett on day one. The collections are similar to Finding Fanny despite a wider release. The wider release is a bit irrelevent as these types only have an audience at premium multiplexes. The collections outside these multiplexes are hardly anything.

    The film may do better on Saturday evening but that will not help the overall picture as the film should have started to grow from Friday afternoon if it was go anywhere in terms of box office.

    Saif Ali Khan’s last film Humshakal’s opened to 10.50 crore nett and that had tremendous negativity around it so for Happy Ending to be around 4 crore nett is just too low. It was exactly one year ago that another rom-com Gori Tere Pyaar Mein suffered a similar fate.

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    aryan 6 years ago

    Happy Ending Saturday Business
    Sunday 23 November 2014 13.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Happy Ending could not grow much on Saturday as collections were only up a little when they had top grow 60-70% from a film to have a chance. The writing was on the wall on Friday when it did not pick up and the Saturday figures just confirmed its fate . The first two days collections are as follows.

    Friday – 3,75,00,000

    Saturday – 4,25,00,000

    Total – 8,00,00,000

    The film will probably do a weekend of 13 crore nett approx which is just a little higher than what The Shaukeens grossed a couple of weeks back.

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    aryan 6 years ago

    Happy Ending Has Disastrous Fate
    Monday 24 November 2014 11.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Happy Ending has had a disastrous fate at the box office. The film grossed just 13 crore nett over the first weekend. The low collections outside the metros are no surprise but the premium multiplexes in places like Mumbai city, Delhi city and Bangalore atleast should have shown good growth from Friday afternoon.

    These theatres are up compared to how they started but the growth is nominal like it is for a mass film when this is the target audience for the film. A similar film Finding Fanny also faced rejection like this but that rejection came on Monday, here Friday evening sealed the fate of the film.

    The last major release which was a disaster like this was Gori Tere Pyaar Main and coincidently it was releases in the same week last year. That film grossed 14 crore nett and although Happy Ending will beat that its no consolation as the costs involved are also higher.


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    aryan 6 years ago

    Happy Ending Monday Business
    Tuesday 25 November 2014 11.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Happy Ending had low collections on Monday. The film had a very dull weekend and Monday is as expected. The daily collections of the first four days are as follows.

    Friday – 3,85,00,000

    Saturday – 4,35,00,000

    Sunday – 4,90,00,000

    Monday – 1,85,00,000

    Total – 14,95,00,000

    Happy ending will gross around 19 crore nett in its first week but will be out of most theatres in week two..

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