Exclusive: Ram Gopal Varma starts shooting for ‘The attacks of 26/11’

Ram Gopal Varma has started shooting for ‘The attacks of 26/11′.

He tweeted that “Today is the 1st day of shooting of the most important film of my career `The attacks of 26/11 `. Thts bcos its on the mst important event tht evr happened..if not in scale nd damage and tragedy just in sheer complexity it beats even 9/11. I want 2 thank all the officers who have given me unimaginable inputs nd insights into this event which is making this film possible.

Its bng dne wth a completley new cast nd is going 2 b shot in languages in whch the actual people spoke tht is urdu hindi english nd marathi. The film is primarily meant fr an international release nd is being made at a budget of around 40 cr. The attacks of 26/11 will detail every aspect of the carnage beginning with the terrorists taking over Amar solankis trawler `Kuber’.

the most important actor obviously is the guy who’s going to play kasab the reason being he becoming the face of the 26/11 attacks. I needed sm1 similar nd also a grt actor 2 b able 2 portray the complexities involved nd I found hm in a theatre actor cald Sanjay jaiswal. Incidentally the name of the actor who’s playing Kasab is sanjeev jaiswal nd not sanjay jaiswal.


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