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  1. Tall Pike 7 years ago

    Crtics love DDD. Public (evidence is above) love DDD too. Generally speaking all agree that it is very well written, very well directed and very well acted movie.

    Most important is the fact that DDD is likely to do well at the BO.

    But already on some “selected few” site we hear dissent. These are the usual suspects with their fabricated dissent. It is easy to see through their single track, one eyed vision.

    For example, they say, “the film is not for the masses, it is too classy”. What they are really complaining about is that the movie does not devote a single nano second to the discussion of their favorite TV Host’s potty.

    They say, “it is not well written”. Again you already know that nothing is as well written or “prestigious” for them if there is no role in the movie for their favorite TV Host. These guys are currently over the moon that Raju Hirani is writing a small part (for their TV Host) of an aging Ticket Collector with bladder control problems, (yes a departure from a recent side role of an irritating constipated man). Just remind them that the ever diplomatic Raju never said that it was a central role Nor is Raju known to be stupid.

    Let those that want to tear apart the movie do so, this movie will do better than ZNMD. It also establishes Zoya as a world class movie director.

  2. Tall Pike 7 years ago

    Just back from DDD.

    DDD is not a race car. It takes a few second more to get from 0 to 60. But once it gets going it just bowls you over.

    While the duration was not a problem for me. I do think it will hurt the movie because there will be less shows per day. Honestly I am so overwhelmed by the product that I don’t think I can justice without my desktop and full size keyboard.

    Over the weekend I will see it again, and may be once again thereafter. In my opinion, DDD should be India’s entry to the Oscars.

  3. Tall PIke 7 years ago

    DDD Gems

    You have an women (Shefali) without a career or independent source of income, who tolerates a philandering husband.

    Then you have a successful women (Pruyanka) with her own personal fortune who also tolerates her dull boring chauvinistic husband.

    Is Shafali blind or innorant ? No

    Is Priyanka weak ? No

    Sadly group dynamics makes us submit to situations that individually we will never accept. Sadly sometimes we need to leave a group (or a marriage) in order to nourish our individuality.

    Absolute brilliance.

    Farhan’s , perhaps out of the line, remarks to Rahul (Priyanka’s husband), is the best and most convincing argument in support of women’s right that I have heard in a Bollywood setting.

    Anushka’s path to her own personal freedom is heroic (and again convincing).

    For some, compromise is a small price to pay. But for others, compromising is stifling. We are all not the same. DDD brilliantly shows us how two women approach the same/similar situation. It makes us reflect on the pros and cons of the groups we belong to.

    It is easy to think that since the movie was made by Zoya (and Reema), they spoke from a position of passion on issues that profoundly matter to them. But do not forget this movie is equally an effort of Farhan Akhtar and Javed Akhtar. DDD is indeed a proud moment for the Alhtars.

    • Tall Pike 7 years ago

      I wish I had the ability to go back and edit the above comment. I see errors (spelling etc), but also statements that do not reflect what was intended.

      This movie is so brilliant that requires some reflection, a process that warrants a revision of our thoughts too.

      I know to a western minds, Anuksha holds the keys to the solution. Whereas to the “establishment” in India/Pak, true wisdom resides with Shifali. Priyanka maybe reflects the new India.

      DDD is about families. It us about our double standards. while it does not pontificate or provide a solution, it does show us the choices of a few. Although it does argue that in the end we need to take the bull by its horns and as Anuksha say sink or swim.

  4. Tall Pike 7 years ago

    A few times today, I was asked about the acting in DDD. Well the short answer is that everyone was acted really well. Anil Kapoor was amazing. Shifali’s part time victim, part time victimizer, was equally good. Priyanka is excellent, Ranveer is tremendous. So on and so forth. This movie is not like the lopsided PIKU (one leg missing in a three legged stool). Nope, everyone in DDD is outstanding.

    But I feel that those that focus on acting vis a vis DDD occupy a lower rung on the Maslow’s hierarchy. In a movie like DDD, acting you just have to take it for granted, this movie breathes a rarer oxygen at a higher altitude. There is too much food for thought to waste time talking about acting.

    But if we have to talk about acting, We would be amiss if we do not mention the weight that Farhan brings to his small special appearance. This guy it seems most likely can brings the deepest darkest emotions onto his face. Irrfan Khan is another such fine actor with similar capability, but Irrfan is so good that that there is a risk of a disconnect with the audience. Farhan on the other hand know just how much of the quality quotient to hold back, and how much of audience friendliness to sprinkle in. Farhan is so good that I fear in his upcoming movie Wazir, he likely to be grossly mismatched to the detriment of the movie.

    Anyways, if you have not yet seen DDD, go and see it before too much discussion spoils the movie for you.

  5. Tall Pike 7 years ago

    i am being asked by some people about what I think of Rangan’s criticism of DDD.

    Well, allow me to explain it this way. Rangan is like that local priest’s favorite Choir Boy, He is best suited to talk about the unintended consequences of celibacy in the Catholic Church. A Boy Toy of Rangan’s type is ill suited to discuss and analyze a woman’s touch, her influence, or her aspiration. He knows all you need to know about the warmth in a priest’s breath, but he knows nothing about women. Now, DDD is about women, about family, about individual rights in a group environment. This is not Rangan’s cup of tea, hence what he has to say really does not matter.

    But while I am at this let me also address another accusation that is being hurled. DDD is about rich people’s angst.

    Now, tell me, are rich people not human ?

    BTW while DDD is set in an affluent environment, the issues it presents and discusses are universal. The “success” of DDD shows that everyone is relating to the problem that DDD has raised. I am happy that DDD has provided a platform to air this matter. Thank You Zoya. Thank You Farhan. Thank You Aamir Khan to have the courage to go to the extend of playing a Dog, just to support this wonderful effort. Honestly, amongst the many satisfaction that DDD was provided, one was seeing Aamir as a Dog.

  6. Tall Pike 7 years ago

    Soon the Sunday BO numbers are going to be out. Does anyone doubt that DDD will go past Baby (1st a Weekend numbers) ?

    Given the length of the movie (read less shows per day), and the seriousness of the subject, I think the movie has done as well as it could have.

    Last year Chris Rock gave us “The Top Five”. It was genuinely funny and well made. But the numbers were not surprising at all.

    Let’s hope DDD somehow crosses 100 Cr

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