Dhoom 3 Advance Booking Report | Opens To A Massive Response

The advance bookings for one of the year’s biggest releases – Dhoom 3 has already begun and kicked off to a bombastic start. Going by the early trends, there is little doubt that the year will not end with a Dhoom! The film’s advance booking has got a massive response unanimously.

Katrina Kaif and Aamir Khan in a still from Dhoom 3

Katrina Kaif and Aamir Khan in a still from Dhoom 3

Circuit-wise, the advance booking results have been the best in Delhi and Mumbai with both cities already seeing a nearly 85% occupancies on its first day. In Pune, the advance booking reports stand in the range between 70% to 75%.

In Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Kolkata, the film’s advance booking results state selling out nearly 70% of its shows in popular multiplexes.

The film will release in approx 3800-4000 screens. Being a YRF and Aamir Khan venture, along with the heavy value of its franchise name, Dhoom 3‘s initial reports suggest a grand opening for the film across most crucial circuits.

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  1. FS 9 years ago

    Even in UAE it is releasing on 20th? I was trying to book but all shows start on 20th of Dec. Why is that?

    • Author
      I.One 9 years ago

      FS, I checked just now for Grand Cinemas and yes, it is releasing on 20th! I am not sure why release date is on Friday, when every movie releases on Thursday.

      • FS 9 years ago

        I think there is lot of suspense in the movie and they don’t want to ruin it with early reviews. I doubt anyone would review it before friday. Good strategy

  2. alfa.one 9 years ago

    I was trying for Sat. evening show but could not get. So booked it for Friday (luckily it was available)

  3. Aman 9 years ago

    Historic Advance Booking For Dhoom 3

    Advance booking for Yash Raj Films’ magnum opus Dhoom 3 opened to a phenomenal response at multiplexes and single-screens across India, with the first weekend shows already 60 per cent fully booked three days prior to the film’s release. In most circuits, advance booking opened on Sunday and since then, tickets have been selling like hot cakes. Distributors feel by Thursday, the first week will be all sold out.

    The film marks the third instalment in the Dhoom franchise and features Aamir Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Uday Chopra and Katrina Kaif. The film is expected to earn massive returns at the box office and break the record for a non-holiday release.

    Following is a report on advance booking from distributors in various circuits.

    Rajesh Thadani, Multimedia Combines, Mumbai

    Everyone is eagerly awaiting the release of Dhoom 3. Since Aamir Khan and Yash Raj Films have teamed up, expectations are higher than usual. Frankly, I have never witnessed such a frenzy for advance booking. All-India, advance booking is 75 per cent including multiplexes and a few single screens, and in Mumbai, it is 70-per cent. It is safe to say that this film will create enormous box office records. The weekend shows are 70 per cent booked. It will definitely break records that were created this year.

    The film has been assigned over 4,000 screens all-India and over 1,500 in Mumbai. In Mumbai, ticket rates vary from Rs 500 to Rs 900 at multiplexes.

    Jaspal Dhingra, Nanaskar Enterprises, East Punjab

    The advance booking for Dhoom 3 is extraordinary. Usually, in Punjab, advance booking doesn’t draw too much of a response as there is a cinema hall in practically every locality. The opening of Dhoom 3 will be huge. Until now, we have witnessed 40 per cent advance booking for Friday. I am assuming that the weekend will be house full.

    Debashish Dey, Aum Moviez, West Bengal

    Today, we witnessed 35-per cent advance booking and, by tomorrow, it should be 100 per cent for the weekend. In fact, a few single-screens are yet to open advance booking. The advantage Dhoom 3 enjoys is that there has been no big release after Krrish 3 and audiences are waiting for this film to release. It will definitely break records and create new ones. Ticket rates in West Bengal start at Rs 500 in multiplexes.

    Vasudev Chachan, Sunny Films, Rajasthan

    Dhoom 3 has already broken the record for advance booking. It’s only Tuesday and 70 per cent tickets have already sold for the weekend. By Thursday, the first week should be sold out. In Rajasthan, tickets are priced between Rs 400 and Rs 500 in multiplexes.

    Ravi Machhar, Sahyog Films, Nizam

    The film has seen 80 to 90 per cent advance booking and the number is rising as we speak. Dhoom 3 is expected to be one of the biggest grossers of all time. I have never seen advance booking like this before. In fact, we don’t usually have advance booking in Aurangabad but we have sold 60 per cent tickets already! For Friday, all five shows in every multiplex are already booked. In a small town like Selu, where the population is only in the thousands, 300 tickets have already sold!

    Jeetu Khandelwal, Pioneer Movies, Orissa

    Dhoom 3 is seeing an extraordinary response in Orissa, where we have only one multiplex. Still, advance booking for the film is 70 per cent for the weekend. Dhoom 3 has been allotted 110 screens in the Orissa circuit.

    B H Basha, Bahar Enterprises, Mysore

    The film has experienced 70 per cent advance booking so far. Booking opened on Sunday and, in just three days, 70 per cent of tickets have been sold. Just wait till Thursday! The first week will see extraordinary collections. With such a positive response, Dhoom 3 will enjoy a smooth run at the box office.


  4. Aman 9 years ago

    Suddenly sites like BOI and a few others have gone silent seeing the buzz surrounding Dhoom 3

  5. Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

    With this speed it could have touched 60cr opening day which is close to the actual 100% capacity now – but its not a holiday and the film length is 3hrs. So lets see. Almost all afternoon shows everywhere from 12 to 6 are “available”.

    My prediction is it should at-least do 35Cr on opening day.

  6. Aman 9 years ago

    But don’t you think 35 cr opening will be considered ‘below par’

  7. mate 9 years ago

    release hone do, 60 cr opening walo ki to main… 😉
    By the way, just heard his interview with BH, and such a hypocrite, liar and insecure he is. On one hand, he tell that he don’t consider any importance to BO figures, on the other hand, he was busy calculating figures most of the time during that interview like a primary fail student, 5 times into first weekend equals to that, 100 cr into 2 equals to that amount, 30 cr into 3 equals to that amount. And accoding to his usual hypocrite nature, he mentioned the ‘not good’ trending of Chennai Express indirectly but not talking about his own Talaash (and several other ‘not main stream’ movies) that couldn’t even take a decent weekend nor a trending. Shukar kare k us ko 3I khairaat main de di thi kisi ne, otherwise he had nothing to boast about his whole career.

    • narad_muni 9 years ago

      he is the most insecure slimy fake among the top stars in bollywood. Absolutely hate this guy personally, though some of his films have been landmark ones and my favorites

    • Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

      So you took all the trouble to find some negativity in his interviews. Kudos. He was very pleasant in his interviews this time (Karan, BW Hungama etc) and very less interviews too so less irritating.

      I agree that he is bit wrong on trending theory though.

  8. anjanpur685miles 9 years ago


    rule no 1

    when aamir and co are so silent abt content…of. the film n all…its dangerous.

    dagerous for his distractors.


  9. alfa.one 9 years ago

    looking at the Ad. booking, if not 60 crs., 40 – 42 appears to be possible !!

  10. narad_muni 9 years ago

    aamir fans r day dreaming..LOL 40-42 crores. 60 crores.ROFL

    • Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

      muniji, dreaming is good 🙂 and one should dream big.

  11. Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

    Its showtime

    – like the way Aamir says it.

  12. Baba 9 years ago

    BOI never shies from taking a dig at abhishek 😉

    ” Even the only weaknesses here which is the supporting cast does not really matter as the brand over runs that and the audience is fully aware what the film is about.”


    • Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

      BOI ignored 10-15 cr of Krrish3 and put it behind YJHD – they ignored the money earned from non-hindi versions. There is no logic in that – especially coming from east punjab specialists.

      Revenue of Dhoom3 will be much more than 20-25cr down south as it is the territory where Aamir is strongest and most respected. (I am talking about non-hindi versions).

      • narad_muni 9 years ago

        Where did you get 10-15 crores? K3 did about 8 crores in Tamil n Telugu versions.

        I know u r dreaming a lot abt D3. but let me tell you D3 will find it hard to cross 10 crores in Tamil/Telugu versions.

  13. Baba 9 years ago

    “Why such a long gap between your first and second film?
    Right after directing Tashan, I wrote Raavan for Mani Sir (Mani Ratnam). I didn’t just write Raavan I was with Mani Sir on the sets. However, I got the idea for Dhoom 3 while I was working on Raavan. The minute I finished with Raavan, I got down to working on Dhoom 3. ”


  14. anjanpur685miles 9 years ago

    No baba, will mostly watch on 25th

  15. cr7 9 years ago

    • Baba 9 years ago

      an aweful attempt at trying to be wicked and funny. they are saying d3 is a wanabe fast and furious as if its some std for good action cinema. fast and furious series itself is a wannabe action film with wooden actors and OTT scenes

      • cr7 9 years ago

        U definitely missed the point of the video 🙂

        • Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

          The point of the video was very valid but the guys were behaving as if they are from Hollywood or some place else…(by their representation …by their body language ….not talking in hindi …etc etc)

          So it fell flat,

        • sputnik 9 years ago


          Spoofs/Parodies of Hollywood movies/trailers are quite common and they are allowed under US copyright law. I have posted some in the past in some thread.

          Bollywood filmmakers routinely copy from Hollywood movies and elsewhere but if someone makes spoof/parody of their trailers or movies they invoke copyright and anti-piracy laws.

          Race 2 spoof was removed from youtube. So they have chosen this route to mock how Bollywood does not allow people to make spoof/parody of their trailers. They are deliberately singing a English song and acting like they are from Hollywood because they are mocking Bollywood and the guy even admonishes the other guy for using a Bollywood ringtone.

          And Dhoom series is a wannabe Fast and Furious. I think I watched the first one and it was fun. And so is Dhoom series even though many things are illogical. And as far as actors being wooden I don’t think asian action stars are famous for their acting either 😉

          • shan 9 years ago

            Haha, good attempt. It is not hilarious but makes its point very well. YRF obviously did not like the fact that they made fun of the Sons of the Nation (in the original video they rejected). 🙂

          • Baba 9 years ago

            here comes another NRI defending the crap fast and furious! hai ye inferiorty complex!

  16. shan 9 years ago

    Baba, you mean me? If yes, I dont want to defend Fast and Furious. It was a fun movie but that is all. Just like Dhoom.

  17. saurabh 9 years ago

    have listened many interviews of Ak, and i personally feel he is very insecure guy.. he talk abt being different(though he is) but then he talk abt the money made by his movie.. and he say he dnt think abt money. he say “my movie started this trend of 100 cr”. rumored to be said like this “other actors movie took 3 years to break my record”.. “srk is licking my leg”. when srk and salman fought then he said “salman is the biggest star” though he is correct in this but then u didn’t say the same thing when srk was biggest star..

    now y it is wrong because when u mock other actors for taking finance so seriously. when u mock other masala movies but end up doing so to handle the constant pressure by fan and to be in competition… either be like Iraffan khan, abhay deol, Sanjeev kumar, or dnt mock atleast… Salman nd srk believe in the work they are doing, choices they are making.. they are proud of what they are doing and they even mock the whole falseness about trying to be different when somebody is not.

    and many members at this forum agree on the insecurity of Ak and appreciated the honesty of SRK and Salamn… including those who criticize salman for masala movies and srk for diffferent reason..

    now y he is insecure- coz of high competition, and pressure by fans to have a biggest BB… when every one talks abt money (which is happening now) then to be in the race of no 1, how much money ur movie made matters.. SRK ruled BO for some years but y everybody say like this coz his movie were BB whether they were good or bad… since AK want to be in both boat.. and thats y he do Talash… to satisfy his creativity…

    he is basically a guy who likes to do TZP way more than Gazni… so even if he do Gazni, he do Talash too to satisfy himself..

    though whatever may be the case now, he was different and he did some great movies, he was game changer… and sometime i miss that kind of AK..

  18. Prem 9 years ago

    Cinepolis Pune Makes Record With Dhoom 3

    Thursday 19th December 2012 10.30 IST

    Press Release

    Pune December 19 2003:

    Cinépolis, the World’s 4th largest and India’s 1st international cinema exhibitor, is all geared up to make history by hosting 54 shows of Dhoom 3 in their Pune cinema on December 20. This is the maximum number of shows hosted for any movie in one cinema ever! Cinépolis Pune is also the largest cinema in India with 15 screens.

    Speaking on the occasion, Devang Sampat, Head-Operations and Strategy, Cinépolis India said, “It is a significant achievement for us to make a national record within 4 years of our operations. We have been inspired by our patrons to reinvent entertainment in India and always pursue extraordinary ambitions to make their lives happier and full of smiles. I am sure that our patrons in Pune will love to be a part of history and visit Cinépolis in great numbers starting this Friday.”

    Cinépolis Pune was launched in November, 2013. The multiplex brings together 100% digital technology, RealD, the world’s best 3D technology, Hollywood standard 4k digital screens and 7.1 Dolby digital audio. The cinema will also have 3 Cinépolis VIP screens, first ever in the country. Cinépolis is the inventor of the VIP experience and the first exhibitor in the world to introduce VIP screens, the ultimate luxury movie viewing experience. It is located at Season’s Mall, Magarpatta City, Pune. Patrons enjoy more than 80 shows every day in the cinema, which is more than any other cinema in the country.

    Cinépolis currently operates at Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Bengaluru, Bhopal, Hubli, Jaipur, Ludhiana, Mangalore, Mumbai, Patna, Pune, Surat, and Thane. Starting in 2009, Cinépolis has become the fastest in India to reach the landmark of 50 Screens. With the addition of Cinépolis in Seasons Mall, Cinépolis now stands at a total of 84screens across all four geographic zones of India, which makes it the 4th largest Cinema Operator in India.


    • Prem 9 years ago

      BTW now having around 8-9 multiplexes in 5km distance… 😀

  19. Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

    Dhoom 3 prediction guys? What is yours?

    Here is mine

    weekend 100+
    week1 190-200
    week2 280
    finish 400+

    • cr7 9 years ago

      320 will be cakewalk. But if wom is good then 450 is possible. Assuming above average wom my prediction is 420 .

      • Baba 9 years ago


        • Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

          Kuch bolo Babaji, sirf lol kar rahe ho.

          I know if its less than 320 cr7 will say its a disappointment 😉

          • Baba 9 years ago

            I will comment after seeing the movie 😀 but considering its the third of dhoom series, it has do 250cr+ just to save face.the same was true for k3. even if you take the producer nos for it, its an underperformer compared to kmg and krrish. it had to do 250cr+. the problem with todays big films are they are not able to trend after 2 weeks even if they have decent/good wom. the difference between dhoom 3 and other big films of this year will be the trending after week 2.

      • sputnik 9 years ago


        You guys are still predicting in 100s of Crores. Rakesh Roshan had already predicted 1000 Cr for K3 I think. Waiting for suprabh to predict 2000 Cr 😉

    • Dhamaka 9 years ago

      Control ritz control

  20. FS 9 years ago

    By nw I wud hav had d3’s review, had it been released today in UAE 🙁

    Tomorrow almost all shows are sold out here 🙁

  21. alfa.one 9 years ago

    @FS just back from the movie. Big let down. Knowing ur taste I can say that u will be disappointed. I am not telling this as aamir hater but as neutral audiance !!!

    • FS 9 years ago

      Though u hate Aamir, u hav always criticized bad movies & praised good movies, so obviously i will account your review. Why don’t u post your review? I also heard tht movies has som surprise twist but thats all. Too many OTT action scenes.

      • alfa.one 9 years ago

        I will definately post my views
        there is only one surprise but very ordinary. Its there till interval but very ordinary. Oh yes o can tell you that looking at one character u may remember Rizwan Khan of mnik but not ditto.

  22. alfa.one 9 years ago


    It was first show at INOX. Occupancy was sth like 60 % which was very good for 8.0 AM show.

    Film started with Jacky Shroff trying to convince bank guys to rescue the place which was under loan with Bank Of Chicago. He could not and ends his life in front of his little son. Then the revenge starts. Opning shot of Aamir is the scene where he stands in high rise building looking at city (without shirt and with cap) and then high octane bike chase after looting the bank, which we all have seen in first teaser. It was quite good but OTT with all sort of circus.

    Then entry of two other heroes (as they themselves say). Absolutely crap, with fight with local goons in auto rickshaw (I dont know why these days this auto rickshaw become compulsory in every film). After this they came to Chicago on special invitation to catch the thief.

    The entry of Kat is quite late just to do a strip tease to get into the circus team (with a punjabi song which I dont remember).

    With so many chases and dance (in the circus) we get into interval. I must say that the set for the dance which was filmed on Kat and Aamir with team, was wonderful and must be too expensive. Yes Before this there was also tap dance by aamir and but what was the reason to put it is unknown.

    2nd half it appeared that is taking for a good but could not. There was a suspense (if some one can call it a suspense) which was very ordinary. The second half continued with police (Uday bhai and Abishek) and in the end they destroy the bank of Chicago but get caught. This is what is the film about.

    Acting – Nothing great.

    Aamir -(i liked aamir’s act but dont want to reveal here why). He is repetitive here in the film.

    Abhishek and Uday Bhai – Less is said is better. (Anybody’s guess)

    Katerina – She have no role absolutely nil except feww dances in minimul clothes (JTHJ was classic for he when compared to D3)

    Photography – Very high class specially the bike chase and Chicago by Night in the end.

    Music – OK OK

    Over all – Highly disappointment and big let down by Aamir (no offence to aamir fans, I am pretty sure you all will also have the same opinion). I think for the first time in later stages Aamir have not read the script before signing the film.


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