Pashto Song Qarar – Ismail and Junaid

  1. sputnik 6 years ago,

    I found the first one on youtube. The second one is from the link that you tried to post.

    Are these the right songs? Is the second one in Urdu?

    There are some Pashto songs in this post.

  2. FS 6 years ago

    Good one but I doubt the second one is Urdu. I can’t make out lyrics at all

  3. Author 6 years ago

    @sputnik at the outset thanks a lot !!!!! Since youtube is ban in my office I cannot see it now hence will let u know by evening. Shaaz khan has sung this song in Pashto and Urdu as well. Original is by Ismail and Junaid !!

    @ FS I think the one u are hearing is a pashto version from Shaaz khan. I will give the link of urdu version also. Thanks.

  4. Author 6 years ago

    Urdu version. Qarara Rasha Qarar shaaz khan urdu version original by ismail and …

    (there are so many versions for this song but liked the original and by shaaz khan versions)

  5. Anjanpur685Miles 6 years ago


    I liked Pashto.N version more than Urdu one. 🙂

    I like the sound of that instrument…

    btw, in Bollywood, what are the Pashto.N songs which you like?

    I like two below:

  6. Author 6 years ago

    @Anjanpur685Miles – Thanks !!! I too like the Pashto version more than urdu. Specially the use of instrument (rabab). In bollywood there are many songs which I like but wanted to post some other language songs which sounds good. Though I dont understand Pashto (except few words which r used in persian and urdu as well) but still like the song due to use of Rabab.

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