Blast from the Past: When Rajesh Khanna was accused by Sabia of Rape

Check out this article from the magazine Star & Style from 1986. The 15 year old Sabia who had acted along side Rajesh Khanna in the movie Anokha Rishta had accused him of rape. She had later acted in the movie Khiladi as Deepak Tijori’s girlfriend. There is only one scan and the article is hard to read. I have tried to post the article from the scan to the best of my ability below.

“It is over three months since the shocking story of Rajesh Khanna’s indecent behavior with Sabia, the fourteen year old daughter of Ameeta appeared in a film monthly but the industry is still reeling under the shock. No one has ever read a story of this pattern in the history of film journalism.

Rajesh Khanna has been in the industry for over two decades now and then this is the first time that he has been accused of such uncouth behavior. Whatsoever else may be his faults (and he has many) being a lecherous man has never been one of them. In fact he still has a large bit of the middle class morality in him. Living in with Tina is only to prove to him (perhaps that he can also do what the others can), not to behave outrageously in public or otherwise.

The interview in Ameeta’s words (her mother’s) disclosed scandalous facts of the way her teenaged daughter was treated on the sets of “Anokha Rishta”. Bad enough, according to her that Rajesh Khanna behaved in a abominable fashion but the director, she claimed, almost raped her daughter in the hotel room!”

Source Unknown.


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