Blast from the Past: Shah Rukh Khan’s Filmfare Interview from 2002

  1. Asad Khan Nasar 9 years ago

    SHAH reading your interviews, statements are like honor for us. it’s not the acting where you proved you’re the best actually you are the best in every damn thing, Since Diwaana movie you are ruling Bollywood, you proved that you are the biggest mega star along with the greatest Actor that Indian Cinema has ever Seen. even India, Bollywood got Marvellous familiarity on the globe when you steps in to B’wood.. if any one has a little patriotism for their country, they’ll respect a Person/Actor/Personality/Legend like the Baadshah of Bollywood SHAH RUKH KHAN.. He has a King size name, King size fame, King size films & King size fans, King Size House what ever he wish to get now he has got better than that & he wish to be the great actor ever now he has won the most, highest number of Film-Fare (Which is Considered as India’s Oscar) & he proved it again and again his self the biggest ever actor of B’wood, Biggest Mega star Ever.. He is the only actor who never needed a ‘COME BACK’ like many other actors including Khans he is the most consecutive Successful Actor India Cinema has ever Seen, has Given the most number of success movies since Diwana and When it comes to overseas even whole Bollywood is Far behind than him, it’s unbelievable when you realize that SRK has Given the most number of successful movies than any actor even more than whole Bollywood, he has more Hits, Super hits, Block Busters, All time Blockbusters in Overseas than whole Bollywood which is the reason non Bollywood actor can even touch him in any thing if it’s ACTING, AWARDS, Success Movies, Fame, Stardom and many other things even Since SRK came Bollywood Started become famous in all over the World, he Movies got Released in many new countries, he opened many markets for Bollywood through his movies even DDLJ is still the most popular, loved, famous Indian movie ever, if a Actor like SRK does not Deserve Love mark than nothing does.. Every Bollywood FAN, & Indian Should be proud of having a gem, Actor, Personality like him.. We are proud of you KING KHAN….

  2. Asad Khan Nasar 9 years ago

    Well SHAH, there’s Shah Rukh khan, & We can’t call you just an actor or Mega star or King Of Bollywood… you are the Best Ever Bollywood actor you, have proved it many times. you are the Biggest ever movie star on the Earth even BBC called you the World’s Best and Most Famous, Power Star/Actor ever… Yes you can’t call an average actor competition, because you are far better, bigger actor than any Bollywood actor even than most top Hollywood actors… but you have many people & actors behind you who look up at you, try to copy you, try to learn something from you, and consider you an ideal.. Today you (SRK) Ruling Bollywood & Inspiring Millions & All New Actors.. Today most of the new actors consider you their ideal, favorite actor, inspiration even more than that, even today every Indian wants to be an actor like you.. reasons are that you’ve all those things which an ideal, inspiration should have, (1) you are the best actor (2) you are the biggest movie star (3) you have the biggest Stardom ever (4) you have a perfect Family (5) you are a perfect good looking actor.. (6) you are the King of Bollywood, etc… which proves how Biggest star you are, If there’s a superb, Biggest & Greatest actor in a country today it’s you (SHAH RUKH KHAN).. you are the pride of Bollywood/India..

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