Blast from the Past: Outrage Over Kargil! Aamir Khan’s Shocking Volte-Face

  1. Author
    Milind 9 years ago

    The author rightly raises some pertinent questions. Sputnik, Can you correct the post images!

    • sputnik 9 years ago

      I corrected the images and also changed the title to the one on the cover of the Stardust Magazine. Where does it say its from New York Times?

      The magazine is just trying to sensationalize a non issue. Where is the volte-face if Aamir never said he is going to donate to Kargil Funds? The magazine itself says the Pakistanis did propaganda that the proceeds went to Kargil funds.

      • Baba Ji 9 years ago

        ROFL! are we supposed to take this seriously? the writer is hallucinating on a non-issue.I hope LI does well.The anxious nervous wait is proving to be a killer for some 😉

  2. Author
    Milind 9 years ago

    He equated India with Pkaistan in foreign where he needed an audience.

    He was arranging funds for Kargil in India.

    Isn’t that Volte-Face?

    • sputnik 9 years ago

      Hmm I thought the volte-face would be Aamir initially saying the show’s proceeds would go to Kargil fund and then saying they would not.

      But it does not look good if what the writer is saying is true about Sarfarosh’s charity shows for Kargil funds in india and then courting the Pakistani audience for the show in US.

    • Baba Ji 9 years ago

      Even if we are to believe that crap,doesnt it sum up aamir as a die-hard patriot? he used pakis to fund money to Indian soldiers 😀

      • sputnik 9 years ago

        LOL Baba.

        You turned a negative into a positive. I doubt even Aamir fans would have been able to do that 😉

        • Baba Ji 9 years ago

          hehe spuntik .its the kind of post an aamir fan would have liked to post. :bow:

  3. Author
    Milind 9 years ago

    If this is a non-issue which clearly shows how Aamir played diplomacy in foreign lands for an audience and with a view not to hurt his audience…can the so-called Aamir fan who blames SRK as a terrorist just because he wanted Pak players to play in IPL explain the issue there.

  4. Baba Ji 9 years ago

    hahahaha – please read the post properly before posting milind – this post establishes him as a bigger patriot than he might be in real life.The joke is on you 😀

    • Author
      Milind 9 years ago

      Blind Men count jokes on others while they fail to see their pants slipping!! LOL!

      Courting Pakisatnis and equating India to Pakistan just for an audience. Nowhere it says that the money for that show would go to Kargil Funds. “Back In India he was busy arranging funds for Kargil” . But away in foreign he was pleading Pkaistanis to watch his concert as there was competition!!

      If that is missed by your teeny weeny eye.. learn you have faced the biggest mockery you would ever have!

  5. Author
    Milind 9 years ago

    Yes this is what an Aamir fan would want to post as their intellect is just as much as the fifth grader.They fail to read what is implied rather they turn blind at the negative paras. Usual stuff..nothing new!

  6. Baba Ji 9 years ago

    A fun coment from sb i cudnt help but share rofl

    “3 Jul 12, 11:09 PM
    [×] [o] hello: baba milind is busy reading that article he posted ” hahahahhahaha

  7. Author
    Milind 9 years ago

    And Babaji..SB par kya chilla rahe ho. I have proved you are illiterate ebough to understand the article. Please tell me how is not the face of Aamir volte-faced! 😉 Ya bas wahaan hi sher bante firoge! 😀 😉

  8. Baba Ji 9 years ago

    banner headlines dekh ke excitement mein post kar diya….”oh ho this looks like an anti-aamir post .Now we are even,no one can say srk was pro-paki” ………aur asli masala read nahi kiya.problem .big embarassing problem,ab delete bhi nahi kar sakte,its not a tweet afterall 🙁

    Jaldi ka kaam shaitan ka hota hai ,baba ji ne aapko hamesha kaha tha.Durghtana se deri bhali 😎

    • Author
      Milind 9 years ago

      Baba.. I am not like you who never reads..I read.That is why I could correct Sputnik when he also misread the article.

      India me tum Kargil ke liye fund ikattha karo… aur baahar jaakar usi Kargil ke dauraan India ko Pakistan se compare kar do aur allure karo show dekhne ke liye. Commerce has a limit..Aamir crossed all ethics for that.

  9. Author
    Milind 9 years ago

    Back down in India he was busy collecting funds for Kargil and in Houston he was busy equating India to Pakistan at a time when Kargil hurt was so recent..

    And then few people never know how the joke has already been cracked and they are searching on whom it is!!

    • Baba Ji 9 years ago

      “Back down in India he was busy collecting funds for Kargil and in Houston he was busy equating India to Pakistan at a time when Kargil hurt was so recent..”

      is this not the ultimate service to the nation?! this is almost like under cover Intelligence bureau stuff 😉 :bow: :hatsoff: aamir

      What aamir has achieved through this article,even 10 tv shows like SMJ might not.Thanks for sharing this milind :blowkiss: you are an aamir fan somewhere inside i can gather.

  10. Author
    Milind 9 years ago

    Add to that– Pakistani people tried organising a show in competition to thwart Aamir’s show thinking that the money might go to Kargil and the ethicsless actor went on to appease people of Pak by equating India to it. This is called Volte-Faced!

  11. Suprabh 9 years ago

    Aamir is bad and dirty person.

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