Aatma Movie Review – Roma Heer & Gautam Batra

aatma review Gautam Batra: Aatma(A) i.e. latest supernatural horror movie to hit the cinemas star Bipasha Basu, Nawazuddin Siddiqui& Doyel Dhawan as main characters and is written & directed by Suparn Verma, who promises to take horror genre to new level with this movie. Aatma is produced under the banner of Wide Frame Pictures and carries decent expectationsSo lets discuss with Roma Heer,whether Aatma is a must watch for you this weekend or not.

Roma Heer: Aatma hardly takes horror to next level instead its a big letdown & disappointment for those who love to watch movies falling in this genre.

Gautam Batra: O My Gaawd! that was seriously not expected after hearing big statements from Director saahab about movie!

Roma Heer: Seriously! i remember Mr. Suparn said that he is proud of his movie as a director as well as an audience. He also said that he has completed scripted in long time of 9 years & it will take horror to new level. Sadly, Aatma evokes laughter many times at its so called scary & chilling scenes.

Gautam Batra:So what is the plot of Aatma & how was the Screenplay?

Roma Heer: Aatma is a story about Abhay(Nawazuddin Siddiqui) & Maya (Bipasha Basu) who have a cute daughter Nia(Doyel Dhawan). The couple is not happy together as Abhay doubts her wife to be unfaithful and thus harass her physically & mentally. Maya somehow gets divorce from Abhay and also gets custody of her daughter Nia. Before everything starts falling in place for Maya, depressed Abhaymeets with an accident and dies.

Now the conditions get worse as Abhay’s spirit starts creating problems for all related to her daughter Niaand trying to take her with him. Maya tries her best to save her daughter but the sudden killing of her sister(Geetika Tyagi) by Abhay’s spirit make Maya the only suspect and she is put behind the bars.

What happens next? Does Abhay’s spirit takes his daughter away with him? Is Maya successful in saving her daughter?

Suparn Verma’s story lacks luster and is not even half baked. Being a super natural thriller it needed to have some great thrilling & scary scenes but unfortunately they collaborate to create unintentional humor. Case of good writing & bad implementation is common in modern movies but this one seems to be case of novel idea that couldn’t turn up in good writing. Screenplay has so much flaws & it is so much predictable which dilutes the impact of whole movie.

Gautam Batra: How was the Direction & Performances?

Roma Heer: Supern Verma couldn’t show any skill in Direction also. Bipasha Basu as Maya steals the show and carries the whole movie on her shoulders. She looks great on screen and plays the acting part equally well. Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Abhay gets less time on screen but performs well. Doyel Dhawan as Nia looks shweet & does nice job. Rest of the cast also did well.

Gautam Batra: What about Music & other Technical aspects?

Roma Heer: Music by Sangeet & Siddharth Haldipur provided negligible value that is never expected from the music of horror movie. Cinematography by Sophie Winqvist is ok. Jai Singh’s Action Choreography is also fair. Hemal Kothari’s editing was nice.

Gautam Batra: What were the Good & Bad Points of movie?

Roma Heer: Good Points:

1.  Performances

Bad Points

1. Screenplay

2. Direction

3. Music

Gautam Batra: How will you rate the movie?

Roma Heer: Aatma is a comedy turned horror movie. Watch it only because of Bipasha Basu.

Critical Rating: 2 / 5

Business Rating: 0.5 / 5



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