Your wish and Bollywood’s command?

Was wanting to post this since a long time. Will do it today.

What I will do is, I will put down a kind of film I want to be made in Bollywood. I am not going to say that I want this genre or that genre. But just mere synopsis that I would like to see a film being made on it. It would be glad if you guys participate as well.

1. I want a film of set of 5 friends (3 boys, 2 girls kind of deal). They should be of some 20 odd years and must be in some cool college. I want the film to deal with real life issues (sex, education, boys-bonding, Hostel vs Localities, groupism, career talks, love, betrayal, hatred, break-ups, farewell, nostalgia) and not standard kind of issues (which many film in this genre have been). I want the film to be ingenious about its script. I want it to deal all plots simultaneously and not chapter-wise. “Life in a Metro” had 9 odd characters and it pretty much developed each character and each story in 125 odd minutes. The film should get dark wherever its needed. But yes it should have all the fun that what a regular 20-year college group has. And it should be a bitter-sweet ending without taking any cinematic liberty.

I know many films are made on college going guys but not a single film have been even medium level realistic except “Mujhse Fraandship karoge” which was more about Facebook and it was a fun film, and not dark!

2. A film based on cricketer’s friendship. I have always wondered what would a Sehwag-Gambhir or a Dhoni-Raina do when they are off-field! What talks they share, what social life they have. This film should be fun but with a strong story which ultimately leads to a cricket match finale where the bonding of members make the win noise. The germ of this story comes from that little plot-line of Chak De India (Preeti and Komal having ego fights) This story should revolve around a cricket team and their team members unexposed life. The cricketers should have real traits and not fantastical. Every tiny things about cricketers must be in accordance with the story and not just for the heck of showing this-is-how-a-cricketer-lives. The film should deal with cricketer’s payment structure, their arrogance, the sweet-hearts, the romance, the friendship…all in a story!

Would like to know what you all want our film-makers to make!

  1. jj 8 years ago

    Always felt the rivalry and ego clashes between Paes and Bhupathi would make a thrlling sports film. Aamir and Randbir in respective roles – a casting coup?

  2. aryan 8 years ago


    Good post I want to see a movie on cricketer’s friendship too some times may be they argue in dressing room there affairs, fight for captaincy etc.

  3. FS 8 years ago

    Good post Sanket… Many times I had such thoughts/wishes of watching certain kind of movies in Bollywood starring A list actors. One such thought that I had recently was a film based on the life of a beggar.

    A movie on beggar showing the plight of sickness, hunger and shelter that is similar to any of the genuine beggars found on roadside, streets, slums living a life that is so miserable, abhorring and distasteful that there is nothing else to lose other than succumb to death due to either hunger or disease.

    I want director to showcase the general public’s reactions and treatment towards beggars and beggar’s response to it… the awkwardness, feeling of being hated and his call for help falling of deaf ears of mediocre middle & rich class people. His journey from nothing to something and from something to everything.

    The Movie should have history to his sufferings and future for success as well… A feel good movie with some realism on beggar’s, their conditions and how they are treated in many parts of India.

  4. Anajanpur685Miles 8 years ago

    I want a series of films on a grand scale like Gladiator etc on each episodes / real life incidences of Shivaji and Maharana Pratap. (and subject be handled with finesse and not with usual OTT manner). Maybe the can combine major events in a film but a series is required to show all major events.

    Like –
    – escape from Agra
    – Surat ki loot
    – Meeting with Afzalkhan / many fights with Aurangzeb
    – Sinhgarh win
    – Rana Pratap and Maan Singh’s Haldighati war.
    – The way rana pratap and shivaji gathered army with so few resources and their guerrilla warfare techniques.
    – Dewair battle of 1582
    – Sambhaji’s end

    etc etc..

    • Baba 8 years ago

      if they really show the “real” incidences of shivaji, it wont even get a release. shivaji has a pretty f***d up history. though i would like to see his ganimi kava strategy on screen

  5. Baba 8 years ago

    i had this discussion once with suprabh and i think both will agree that a film on the concept of the first half of 7 aum aviru should be martial arts originated in india and went to other asian countries and died its death in its birth place. ironical but true. shankars hindustani had mildly touched this you will find a wannabe sachin tendulkar in every corner of india but not an aspiring martial artist.

  6. Anajanpur685Miles 8 years ago

    True that Baba. Due to political reasons and cultural reasons it wont even be made, forget about release. But atleast on Maharana Pratap there should not be any problem.

    (by f***d up I know what you are referring to. Winners write history. Britishers and Moughals might have twisted it. I think you are referring to his birth etc. Does not matter – he was afterall from same Sisodiya panth from which Bhoslas came to Maharashtra – The Rajputana/Mewar ancestors and his being same – Eklingji who dates back to 5th century.

    Rahi baat twisting ki, then ppl can also say Pratap ran away from Haldighati. Locals will add glamor to stories whereas opponents will try to twist/degrade them. )

    As far as we see history logically, if these two people were not there then whole India would have gone to MOughals who turned very fanatical during Shivaji’s period.

  7. Baba 8 years ago

    sanket – your two wishes have already been made into films – soty and london dreams ( music instead of cricket) 😛

  8. sputnik 8 years ago

    So Sanket wants a movie made on him and his friends on 1 😉

    On 2- A movie like that could be good. I would love to see a movie on the Kapil-Gavaskar relationship. I think we need more sports biopics not the Bhaag Milkha Bhaag type though. Biopics can be made on Gavaskar, Kapil, Sachin and so on. A movie on Azhar’s life has all the drama – coz he had natural artistry, came from a lower middle class family and went on to become the captain and then fell from grace with the match fixing scandal. There has been talk of a movie on Dhyan Chand for so long.

    I would love to see historicals which are historically/logically accurate not ones like Ashoka with romance/songs or a Jodhaa Akbar with cooked (pun intended) up stories of Jodhaa fighting over who gets to cook food for Akbar. The problem with historicals is that there will always be two sides to it and when a movie is made on one King he will be shown as all good and his opponent will be painted as all bad. I would like it more if they were shown as what they really were with shades of grey.

    There was a line about Ramanujan in the movie Good Will Hunting and it occurred to me that a Hollywood movie mentions him but we don’t have a movie on him or even a line about him in any of our movies. I just read recently that a Tamil movie is being made on the mathematician Ramanujan. I would love to see a Hindi movie on him on and C.V. Raman and other great Indian scientists/mathematicians.

    There used to be a TV serial called Param Vir Chakra on the Indian soldiers who won the highest military decoration. I would love to see a biopic on each one of their lives.

    More than any of these I would love to see a movie made on Mahabharata on the scale of Lord of the Rings with top stars. It can be a three part movie.

    P.S. Good post Sanket

    • FS 8 years ago

      Good point Sputnik… Even it occurred to me that why there is no films on greats like Ramanujan when I watched Good Will Hunting. There are so many greats in our country where our bollywood can score big time both boxoffice and critical acclaim wise without copying or plagiarizing hollywood.

  9. Anajanpur685Miles 8 years ago

    (cont from above comment of mine)

    a) It could also be Brahmin/Peshwa brigade also who did spread these negative things/twists to run down . (not necessarily British/Moughals

    b) Now, if we do stop being chauvinistic, does only male carry the genes forward? Isn’t it enough that Jijabai was his mother (a maratha/bhosla/sisodiya?)

    c) Why so much emphasis on khandaan? If we see work of Shivaji – is it not enough to certify him as a Rajput/Kshatriya a major warrior who did lots of goods.

    d) Isnt it more intereseting if his birth controversy is true? It adds a twist to the story – of a great person.

  10. Anajanpur685Miles 8 years ago


    Absolutely agree on Azhar (the only cricket icon who i liked so much)

    On the history, you just cant expect anything accurately historical anywhere. Such thing never exists. Anywhere in the world. Especially in India where we dont have a tradition of writing down things. (Also, westerners can’t be trusted as they twisted so much in the name of religions/pride…well everyone has).

    “I would like it more if they were shown as what they really were with shades of grey. ”

    Agree perfectly (read my above comment on Shivaji). But it is not possible in current scenario in India – anywhere here and for any historical figure here. (I dont know about other countries – but my guess is all locals will oppose a slight negative depiction)

    • sputnik 8 years ago

      The problem with oral history is that things get exaggerated when passed from one person to another. Here is one of my favorite scenes which shows how things get exaggerated.

      Even with written history you have British who probably twisted it to downgrade or use it to divide and rule. And if its someone who is working for the King I doubt he would be alive if he wrote anything against his employer. So I think the director will have to use some logic/common sense on what could have happened instead of just believing in anything fantastical.

  11. Author
    sanket porwal 8 years ago

    Thanks Aryan and FS.

    FS- That would be one hell of a film. Though I think it would connect if a new actor is employed who has no face in this industry (Omkardas Manikpuri?)

    Anajanpur- Good to know your views.

    Baba- SOTY? Its the anti-thesis of what I want. SOTY fails in the very first criteria- it has fantastical world. Second, its anything but a dark film. Third, it is neither ingenious, nor does it has anything which can call it as a tight script.

    And London dreams? Sorry, I see no point there. LD was more of just friendship (what yawn!). It was so cliched a film that I was missing my pillow. My basic idea is to show how cricketers live. Obviously they would have regular layman qualities…but their worlds are different and unexploited in Bollywood.

    P.S.Rock On! is a tad better film that London dreams.

    • Baba 8 years ago

      “must be in some cool college”

      you dont say this when you want a realistic or dark film.

      you say you dont want to see students dealing with std issues and then mentioned all the issues which are painfully std and seen in almost all such films including even soty (sex, education, boys-bonding, Hostel vs Localities, groupism, career talks, love, betrayal, hatred, break-ups, farewell, nostalgia)

      “The film should get dark wherever its needed. But yes it should have all the fun that what a regular 20-year college group has”

      this is like saying an action film should have realistic action but yes i want some OTT south action in it too for fun and entertainment

      LD is not a film on frienship. you probably are not aware of its background. the film was titled “rashque” meaning jealousy and was supposed to star aamir and srk and it was supposed to have real life influences too.i am not saying the film was great by any stds but it had the same theme that you mentioned in your post minus the cricket game.

    • FS 8 years ago

      Sanket – If a movie on such concept is made with a new face then film kab aayi aur kab gayi pata bhi nahin chalega… Not sure such films will even make it to theatres. Only if there are big actors, people think about watching such movies or else like me they will wait for DVD print.

  12. Author
    sanket porwal 8 years ago

    Sputnik- LOL 😀 Well, yes, of-course I would like to see a film which resonates to me and my age group. But no efforts to make anything such.

    And btw, very strong point there about Azahar. Although thats not what I am looking for but I am sure there can be a good film made on it.

  13. anjanpur685miles 8 years ago

    I forgot to mention above, one hell of a movie can be made on just Chittorgarh’s history. Even if someone reads wiki on it one get their “romte” “khade”.

  14. dwnpiyush 8 years ago

    Good post Sanket.

    I haven’t seen Dil Dosti etc, but doesn’t it have a theme similar to what you have described in point1? But I get what you want to say- we don’t treat our college films well, and can do with a kickass and authentic take on college life.

    Not too kicked about the cricket idea. I personally think the sports genre has only so many dimensions, and it’s almost always about coming of age or an underdog triumph. Plus, cricket in movies is always so manufactured (haven’t seen victory) but the last over heroics are too cliched. Lagaan was spectacular as it had a different context all together.

    I personally think that we don’t make any historical/ docu-dramas. Madras Cafe comes closest to the genre I am talking about. I would like movies being made on many unknown/little known yet crucial instances from modern history which are well documented in publications/newspapers/books and have tons of accessible archives. Also, I would love films being made on our ancient history, episodes and little known accounts. Mediaval history has already been done to death in movies over the decades, as well as TV shows. Alexander’s attempt to invade India and the subsequent rise of the first great Indian empire, the Mauryas, would make a great film in my view.

    I would also love films to be made on history and evolution of Islam in India.

    I love the books written by Rohinton Mistry, and they can be made into great films.

    The travel genre is not even touched here, though Imtiaz Ali’s Highway might be the one to kickstart things. Films on wanderlust, finding oneself in the myriad and colorful topography of our country- If only the ‘yahan kaun hai tera, musafir jaayega kahan’ song from ‘Guide’ could have been a movie.

    • Baba 8 years ago

      travel genre is one that interests me a lot too. infact the title song video of SMJ misled me to think it was a travel show and i was very excited for it 😉 . eventually it turned out to be oprah winfrey. something like man vs wild , a tv show on discovery can be made into a great film. even something like 127 hrs.

  15. Anajanpur685Miles 8 years ago

    @Piyush & Sputnik

    On one side you say you want movies to be historically accurate and well documented and then you say Alexander/Maurya or Mahabharat. There are more unknowns thrown in there by the game of Chinese whisper. Ofcourse I would like to see those too. But medieval history is done to death? Not at all, in fact whatever little TV series shown us was mostly narrative and badly OTT stuff. We need real feel of the history of those times (maybe grey shades are not possible due to culturally sensitive political things but we can do away with fairy tale fantastical stuff and be less OTT and be more character oriented like Mahabharata).

    @Piyush..its “wahan” kaun hai tera (not “yahan”). And in that song you would see my moniker here 😉

    • dwnpiyush 8 years ago

      Mediaval history is mainly assoiciated with the Mughals and the Delhi Sultanate- in the 50s/60s we had many historicals dealing with that period. Shivaji, Maharana Pratap, Tipu Sultan- all have been subjects of long running (and popular) TV shows. Of course, they are OTT and dramatized- but what I meant to say that there is already a lot of exposure of these subjects through various mediums- didn’t comment on the quality or treatment.

      Alexander’s conquest was well documented by Greeks. There are many accounts of his activities in India. For Mauryas too, there are ample sources. As far as accuracy is concerned, it is difficult to guage the accuracy of history irrespective of how recent or ancient it is. Even for stuff that happened some years back, there are multiple perspectives and accounts looking at different angles and having different agendas and motivations- why go back till 1st millenium BC

      – Yes it is ‘wahan’ kaun hai tera- to make such a mistake in quoting such an iconic song is sacrilege, my apologies. And yes, I know you have very fond of ‘Guide’.

    • sputnik 8 years ago

      There have been a couple of movies made on Alexander/Porus. The first one was a 1941 movie called Sikandar which had Prithviraj Kapoor as Alexander and Sohrab Modi as Porus. Not sure about it but may have watched it as a kid on TV. It probably was very theatrical/stagey since it was directed by Sohrab Modi. There was another movie called Sikander-e-Azam with Dara Singh as Alexander and Prithviraj Kapoor as Porous this time. Don’t remember if it was good but remember having watched it on TV in the 90s.

      When I talked about wanting to watch Mahabharata I mentioned Lord of the Rings and I want it to be shot on that scale. What I like about Mahabharata is that it is very character oriented and they all have their shades of grey.

      • dwnpiyush 8 years ago

        Yes, I remember reading about Sohrab Modi’s Sikander. Though, I was refering more to how the Indian states at that time reacted to Alexander’s conquest- more from that perspective.

  16. saurabh sharma 8 years ago

    @sanket i have the same thought abt ur dream first movie, even i visualised some scenes, nd i tried to write like a scratch. But ya just trying nd failing to get right amount of emotion, also i hv thought of 100 hostellers, girls were nt prime character, nd i thought of 2 stories- one dark nd one real+feel good motivation m just writing for My satisfaction, nt thought of anything in future, nd i think i hv faced a lot of odds compare to other so i think i cn include more things. ND agree on bollywood directors treatment on this subject. Though gulzar directed a good movie like this, nd Anurag kshyap touched it in paanch nd gulaal. Tigmanshu tried to show smthing like this too in haasil. Though “dil dosti etc” handles this thing in more better way.
    but u also prove that everybody thinks like that.
    @sputnik agree with u on comment on sanket. ND abt mahabharat movie, srk thought of similar movie like u, like lord of the rings. He said in Mahabharata everybody has some super power nd they can show arjuna krna like having superpower.
    he started working on character of karna, just a short film type, may be like animated movie nd Ws thinking to present in festivals, but then movie shelved wen he got to know Prakash jha is thinking of making movie on Mahabharat.
    also Aamir Ws interested in making Mahabharata, he Ws interested in karna character too nd Krishna character. He said movie like this will take 10 years to make.
    @fs i though of same but rather a short movie nd abt dream of a beggar,nd his social life with other beggar.
    sorry couldn’t reply u abt bb at that time but love to nd will reply asap.
    @piyush eagerly waiting for “the road movie” . Also see “chitgong” on less known historic people. Would love guide type nd travel genre. Also discovery shows type movies, black Friday comes to mind, would love to see more.

  17. sputnik 8 years ago

    Looks like Sanket’s first wish came true 😉

    Yaariyan Theatrical Trailer

  18. saurbh 8 years ago

    I thought that movie will same as like made in this genre, like roaming around love nd sex. But 2nd half of trailer suggests that its more than that. Liked it. Song were nice

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