Waqt (1965) Review by Sputnik

A businessman’s family is torn apart by an earthquake and reunited years later in a courtroom trial where father and sons stand opposed in the roles of accused, lawyer and testifying witness.

Had watched the movie as a kid and did not remember much except for the earthquake scene. Rewatched it now. It did feel a bit dated and is basically a lost and found movie but its still a good movie. The courtroom scenes at the end were good. There is a car racing scene between Raaj Kumar and Sunil Dutt which was good. Amar Akbar Anthony is a more masala version of Waqt.

Balraj Sahni was decent in a small role. Raaj Kumar was good in some scenes but overacted in quite a few of the scenes. Some of his dialogues are still popular from the movie but there are only couple of those scenes. Sadhana looked very pretty and acted well too. Sunil Dutt was slightly annoying in many of his earlier scenes where he was overacting like anything. He was good in the courtroom scenes though. Shashi Kapoor was ok. Sharmila Tagore looked pretty and was good in a small role. Leela Chitnis was good as the mother.

Music by Ravi was very good. Songs are good especially Aye Meri Zohra Jabeen and Aage Bhi Jaane Na Tu but there are almost too many songs in the first half of the movie.

Yash Chopra’s direction was good. I think Yash Chopra reused some of the romantic triangle track of Raaj Kumar, Sadhana and Sunil Dutt from Waqt again in the romantic triangle of Amitabh, Hema Malini and Shashi Kapoor in Trishul. Even Shashi Kapoor’s exuberant acting in Trishul is similar to Sunil Dutt’s exuberant acting in Waqt.



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