Tumbbad Movie Review by Sputnik

A man and his son encounter a legendary demon while searching for hidden treasure in 19th-century India.

Decent movie but could have been way better. Its very atmospheric and the first 30 minutes builds up the movie but it doesn’t really live up to the expectations. There are not that many scary scenes and Hastar doesn’t really live up to all the buildup. Its basically the story of the The Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs.

For a movie which has quite a few young characters did not understand the need for that masturbation scene and some other scenes which felt inappropriate in a movie like this.

Sohum Shah was excellent as Vinayak. Mohammad Samad was excellent as Pandurang, Vinayak’s son. Mohammad Samad also played the scary Dadi’s role and was excellent as her too. Anita Date was good as Vinayak’s wife. Jyoti Malshe was good as Vinayak’s mother. Dhundiraj Prabhakar Joglekar was good as Young Vinayak and Rudra Soni was good as Sadashiv, Vinayak’s young brother. Deepak Damle was good as Raghav, Vinayak’s friend.

The cinematography, art direction and the background score are excellent.

One time watch


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