Sanket’s Review: Jazbaa

Jazbaa Jazbaa posed as dramatic thriller is a film that has got an engaging screenplay but let down by overdramatic execution. Gupta stirs the film in the ground by making Aishwarya scream and scream and scream more. Even when you have submitted your entire attention to the story, you are unfortunately distracted to pointless infusion of melodrama.

Jazbaa’s good thing is it doesn’t wastes time in back stories or much of introduction. We get to know the characters as and when the story proceeds ahead. Although the film isn’t entirely unpredictable or clever and you might as well guess its flag-bearing climax twist while you are half way through the film. Yet, the story has enough in it to keep the momentum going in first half provided you are ready to overlook terribly colored and decorated cinematography. In this film everything is green colored – even sky.

The film sustains the modest pace in second half. But by the time the film is ended you feel exhausted by its forced melodrama which felt derived out of 80s. That hard!

The mediocre songs played in the narration thankfully doesn’t break the film. Gupta and his dialogue writers lend some really heroic lines especially to Irrfan. Some work well while some are embarrassingly bad.

Aishwarya is believable in major parts although she fails to leave an impact in emotional portions. Irrfan Khan yet again delivers a very enjoyable performance. Watch out for the irreverent dialogues that he gets to mouth. He is a complete hoot. Chandan Roy Sanyal is effective as maniac.

Jazbaa is fairly watchable film but letdown by its overtly melodramatic tone. Only if it not tried too hard to strike emotional chord, it would have been more gripping tale. Yet, a watchable film for sure.

Rating – 2.5/5


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