Salman Khan & Katrina Kaif Interview With Komal Nahta

  1. fearlesssoul 12 years ago

    lol on some answers… 36 28 36 hahahaa….

    He directly says one should not go all out on promotion as sometimes it may not have been executed the way it was conceptualized or interpreted even if you are given utmost authority for final words. This means he is not that satisfied with ETT as he was during signing of the film. I am assuming now that he will go on promotional spree for dabang2, thats what he did for dabangg and wanted which he thought were better products.. It also shows his intentions not to cheat the public which he said in this interview.

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      sputnik 12 years ago

      Saw only the initial couple of minutes but I don’t think Salman likes going out and promoting the movie on so many TV Shows. He thinks the promos should be good enough and I agree with him. I think he promoted ETT a lot – he came on so many interviews and TV shows.

      I wasn’t into watching interviews and everything during Wanted but I thought that he did not promote Dabangg that much or may be I was wrong.

      • fearlesssoul 12 years ago

        I saw him promoting for only two movies that is for Dabang and Wanted…. During Wanted and Dabang he attended all shows, many malls, few cities too but he made sure that he was talked everywhere be it radio, tabloids, newspaper, magazines, billboards, news channels etc… just like the way Srk promoted OSO. both bg and Ett were promoted within 15 and 10days giving out interviews almost to all channels but never visited many places like hey did it for wanted and dabang.

        Komal nahta asked him please just me your weekend figures, for that he answered 34, 26, 34 and when Katrina laughed he said ok 36, 28, 36 :rofl:

  2. Govind Kumar Gupta 12 years ago

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